Twitter #traveltips of the week: Getting up early edition

Twitter is a great place to find travel tips, but is the advice any good? Like anything you read on social media, some of it is worthwhile and some of it is useless.

I’ve combed through my feed to check out some of the more recent pearls of wisdom being offered and give my verdict on whether the advice given matches my own travel experience.

Tip 1:

Verdict: This will only work if the attraction actually opens at sunrise,  although it’s good advice if you like to take photos as the early morning light is ideal for photography.

Tip 2

Verdict: Useful advice. The inside of your packed shoes are dead space so to maximize your packing, take advantage of them.

Tip 3

Verdict: I mostly read electronic books when I travel, but I always pack one paperback because there are going to be times that you have no way to charge your electronics and are looking for something to read.

Tip 4

Verdict: I’ve never done this. Most of the time, security screeners won’t bother measuring liquids to the milliliter and only look for bottles that are obviously too large.

Tip 5

Verdict: I’d love to hear from a thief who could confirm this bit of wisdom, but I’m guessing they are opportunistic and would grab any camera when they had a chance, no matter what logo was on the front.

What’s your take on this week’s #traveltips? Do you have any of your own to share or have you seen any suggestions that you’d never even consider?

Comments: I am paranoid and pack four of them and I inevitability use them all over several days and then recharge the lot of them somewhere in the middle of my trip.

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