Daily travel links for 2018-05-18: Harry & Meghan’s hotels, TSA’s blacklist and European buses

    • The European company that made buses cool again is launching in the U.S. with $0.99 fares.  https://t.co/Zad6FdCyMe
    • United believes the grooming standard of some of its flight attendants is hurting its brand. Right.… https://t.co/ykG9FMXj9e


Daily travel links for 2018-05-17: Suing Sunwing, McDonald’s international menu and vintage BA posters

    • The McDonald’s that serves items from their international menus that I always imagined would be perfect for Times Square… https://t.co/RFmXFgZX3u
    • Ever had to fill your rental car in another country? Here’s a handy guide to how they do it in different places.… https://t.co/Iu6UYUZLJ5


Daily travel links for 2018-05-16: Gettting sucked out of a plane, strange beaches and new life for 747s

    • What are your chances of being sucked out of a plane? Probably similar to your chance of winning the lottery.… https://t.co/Bjihp4Fk3S


Daily travel links for 2018-05-15: Travel’s narcissistic heart, Spain’s blue-flag beaches and improving bus trips

    • We like to kvetch about airline #travel, but taking the bus can be even more arduous. Try these hacks to make it less miserable… https://t.co/hmctV2hriA

Daily travel links for 2018-05-11: Beaches are bad for you, photographers’ guilt and acing airport security


Daily travel links for 2018-05-10: Airport timing, worst passports and telling time in Mexico

    • In these European countries, access to nature is a basic human right, as it should be.  https://t.co/3lBh4UoONF

Daily travel links for 2018-05-09: WestJet apologizes, missing the digital boat and world’s longest cruise

    • Having been in the trenches during the print to digital transformation, I found myself nodding in agreement as I read how the travel media missed the digital boat… https://t.co/wMrTbscmgJ
    • Do you have 254 vacation days next year? Then sign up for the world’s longest #cruise that’s set to visit six continents… https://t.co/L74jPXZoJ4
    • This survey says the number one life-changing decision triggered by a vacation was to get a divorce. … https://t.co/kVURPgB2uJ


Daily travel links for 2018-05-08: Unoriginal photos, trendy Newfoundland and William Shatner reminisces

    • William Shatner looks back at 20 years of being @priceline‘s pitchman. I’m still waiting for my autographed photo of him as The Negotiator… https://t.co/Nc1eo18ahq
    • Americans are taking more time off, but the number of unused vacation days is at an all-time high.… https://t.co/XueSPmlyG5


Daily travel links for 2018-05-07: Smaller airplane toilets, tourism’s carbon impact and the future of the Rainbow Mountain

    • Here’s what you get when you buy premium economy. Read on to see if it’s worth the extra fee or not.… https://t.co/20uCSR6AmM
    • #Hotel companies seem to think it’s okay to have too many brands. I’m not too sure consumers think the same way.… https://t.co/yxiPaKlWpa


Daily travel links for 2018-05-04: TWA Hotel, Mexican food in America and vintage trailer hotels

    • Now’s the time to visit the Korean DMZ before reunification. Ok, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.… https://t.co/vtRuUjIzUP