Daily travel links for 2019-08-01: Travel makes you happy, hidden-city crackdown and don’t always cheap out

    • Could ‘mobilemoons’ be the next travel trend? Remember the headlines-that-are-questions rule: the answer is inevitably no… https://t.co/0YSGamWi38
    • See the stars like you’ve never seen them before by visiting one of Canada’s Dark Sky Preserves — My latest contribution to Canada.com travel… https://t.co/Io869SWYvM


Daily travel links for 2019-07-31: Taiwan ban, plastic toiletries ousted and the Mexico-US border

    • I love this seesaw installation on the US-Mexico border designed to bring people from both countries together.… https://t.co/582SdW8GsM


Daily travel links for 2019-07-30: Khao San Road changes, overtourism could be worse and TSA’s weird finds

Daily travel links for 2019-07-29: Packing medicines, cruise ship brawl and strange bedfellows

    • How can you not click on this headline? “Passenger dressed as a clown causes mass brawl on cruise ship, witnesses say” https://t.co/MnNTeq1fva
    • After two strangers missed a flight, they were asked to share a hotel room with one bed. Yes, they were on an Air Canada… https://t.co/8UNJnUVZBG
    • A widow tells the touching story of how she took her daughter on a road trip after her husband was killed.… https://t.co/1C1X0x5hJP
    • Here’s an ode to one traveller’s matchbook collection that rekindles fond memories of trips gone by. https://t.co/nXolJh8uqt


Rescuing baby puffins in Newfoundland

I point my flashlight through the night air at a white-coloured object on the road, thinking I have found a baby puffin. My excitement turns to disappointment when I realize it is nothing more than a discarded coffee cup.

A light rain falls as I wander the streets of the tiny coastal town of Witless Bay, a short drive south from St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. I am searching for baby birds because I have joined the Puffin and Petrel Patrol. It is a dedicated band of volunteers who comb the streets of communities near the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve every late summer, looking for fledgling birds that are drawn to the towns’ artificial lights, confusing them for the moon and the stars by which they navigate to sea.

The thing about puffins and baby puffins—more properly known by the all-too-cute name of pufflings—is that they are much better swimmers than fliers. If these six-week-old baby birds become stranded on land, they aren’t always able to get back to sea without human help. The patrol spends hours every night during the fledgling season in August and September rescuing hundreds of these birds before they become injured or killed by cars or predators.

Read the rest of the story on WestJet Magazine.

Daily travel links for 2019-07-26: VanLife not so perfect, free inflight wifi and avoiding altitude sickness

    • Altitude sickness nearly killed me in Ecuador so it’s something I take seriously. This report shows the best ways to avoid it… https://t.co/2PvOY2o1Lv
    • This company will plan a surprise vacation for you. One of their customers recounts his experience.… https://t.co/LSdrkrx8jF
    • When I read the headline “Escape the crowds in French Polynesia,” my first thought was ‘There are crowds in French Polynesia?” https://t.co/vFeFMQbJtx

Daily travel links for 2019-07-24: Flightseeing in Canada, rescuing baby puffins and the futility of flight shaming

    • Authorities in south-east Asia are clamping down on the trend of westerners asking locals for money to fund their travels… https://t.co/TQAwvqyxgg

Daily travel links for 2019-07-22: Made-up travel words, carbon emissions and Barbie is in Arizona

    • Here’s some food for thought: taking a long-haul flight generates more carbon emissions than the average person in dozens of countries does in over a year… https://t.co/5j47JKnfS4
    • An Indonesian #airline has banned passengers from taking in-flight photos after a blogger embarrassed them with shots of a hand-written menu… https://t.co/Rjl4ktarfV


Daily travel links for 2019-07-19: Canada’s Apollo connection, redesigning middle seats and skip these tourist traps

    • This list purports to be the world’s most famous tourist traps that are worth skipping. Agree or not?… https://t.co/XFHy28Ohj7

Daily travel links for 2019-07-18: An airline apology, sleeping in a weinermobile and sacrificing vacations for money

    • Half of Americans surveyed said they would give up their paid vacations if they received a (much) higher salary.  https://t.co/v7RHRjYJGA
    • Don’t book your flight and #hotel at the same time because airline tickets are cheaper if you book early and hotel prices are lower if you book last minute… https://t.co/XVANs14fqp
    • Judging from this video of Naomi Campbell’s airport routine, it’s safe to say that she might be a bit of a germaphobe… https://t.co/hQi6BrMhqD