Daily travel links for 2019-03-19: Antigua’s beaches, North Korea’s quota and climate change tourists


Daily travel links for 2019-03-18: Hollywood’s fake airport, crop tops on planes and ruining Bali

    • Learn the story of New York City’s smallest place which is a cheeky symbol of defiance.  https://t.co/56n3IRBTvg

Daily travel links for 2019-03-15: Airport etiquette, a missile museum and beds in economy class

    • The Mount Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire is still chugging up and down the mountain after 150 years.… https://t.co/GinknTpmqO


Daily travel links for 2019-03-14: Revisiting Carmen Sandiego, an airline apology and best travel apps

Daily travel links for 2019-03-13: Affordable Eastern Europe, missing flights and CU in the NT

    • Here’s how to minimize the risk of missing a connecting flight, especially if the connection time is tight.… https://t.co/UzMDva2D7O


Daily travel links for 2019-03-12: Visiting repressive regimes, Japan bans and the joy of getting lost


Daily travel links for 2019-03-11: Vacation dangers, Africa’s Instagrammers and New European entry rules

    • Understand these dangerous tricks that a “tourist brain” can play at the beach when you are on vacation.… https://t.co/2PtQdVdNm4
    • Beginning in 2021, Canadians, Americans and the citizens of 58 other countries will need to register before they can visit… https://t.co/tuS80zBqNi
    • I am skeptical that an #airline that’s offering travellers free miles if they skip the inflight meal is doing it for environmental reasons… https://t.co/zdaCMQPwg8
    • United flight attendants have been given the green light to be more jocular with their intercom announcements. https://t.co/jP0DGAhKsK


Daily travel links for 2019-03-08: Queenstown tourist tax, city drawings and women’s travel advice

    • 100 people were asked to draw what they associated with 10 global cities. The results are predictable, but charming… https://t.co/oQJQb6YrGO
    • This medical study shows that taking #vacations help you live longer. Or maybe it shows you’re wealthier and have better access to medical care… https://t.co/7HBjeDd7ig


Daily travel links for 2019-03-07: Din Tai Fun’s dumplings, hoarding miles and Hanoi’s legendary Metropole Hotel


Daily travel links for 2019-03-06: Working while travelling, Cook Islands name change and Kosovo’s ‘ugly’ capital

    • Win free flights by posting about inspirational women in your life for International Women‘s Day.… https://t.co/SFuPQKKiri
    • YouPorn just launched an app teaching you how to hook up in four languages. We are truly living in an age of miracles… https://t.co/nAjCkoAYHL
    • I love this idea to use your leftover foreign currency when you #travel by placing it on a gift card, in this case Starbucks… https://t.co/5GnylPJbEw