Daily travel links for 2020-02-17: Cruising’s reality, uneaten plane food and Escobar’s hippos

    • If want to see hippos in the wild, but don’t want to go to Africa, there’s always Escobar’s escaped pets which are establishing themselves in Colombia… https://t.co/yA3uRAfxbI


Daily travel links for 2020-02-14: Seat idiot, fake vacation and fake attractions

    • Best headline yet for this ridiculous story: Man Reacts Like Giant Idiot Toddler To Reclining Airplane Seat.… https://t.co/WoTEIMY0Fh
    • Need some social media traction? Fake your Bali vacation in a certain Swedish furniture store like this YouTuber did… https://t.co/2ulrOKaeDH
    • This is what happens when destinations need to meet tourist expectations: they build fake stuff for them to visit.… https://t.co/x1ScUvVfwT


Daily travel links for 2020-02-13: A year of travel, the U.S. by train and most Googled attractions


Daily travel links for 2020-02-12: Cruise quarantines, travel goals and Europe’s coolest neighbourhoods


Daily travel links for 2020-02-11: FBI travel tips, tracking mobile phones and Cuba for Americans

The Statue of Liberty in New York City
    • In a bid to limit the number of tourists entering the city, #Venice is tracking mobile phones to figure out who is local and who isn’t… https://t.co/AnoIklndAY


Daily travel links for 2020-02-10: Airline compensation, packing tips and challenging hotel amenity fees


Daily travel links for 2020-02-07: Tourism risks fireflies, Transnistria passports and booking mistakes

    • This story is a reminder to double-check your airline reservations before you accidentally book a flight you the wrong city… https://t.co/yKVS320QAY
    • What I remember most about my night on the Queen Mary was that everything was closed by the time I got there.  https://t.co/X5Yt6Y35md


Daily travel links for 2020-02-06: Unlimited air travel pass, Target’s luggage line and a Michelin-star cruise


Daily travel links for 2020-02-05: Hawaiians not keen on tourists, a mysterious desert village and best in-flight entertainment

    • Someone is quoted in this story saying he hopes a mysterious, abandoned village in the desert stays unknown. https://t.co/vPyS043ydW

Daily travel links for 2020-02-04: Defending aviation, the wellness industry and a stuffed bear

    • Aviation is not the enemy in climate battle, says Heathrow boss, as if he would say anything else.… https://t.co/KDcgPHVGLy
    • Check out this list of Airbnb scams the next time you are thinking of booking a rental home.… https://t.co/QPgqfmNBha