Daily travel links for 2019-02-14: Romantic trip snafus, why the A380 failed and the Poo Museum

    • In honour of St. Valentine’s Day, here are 12 true stories of romantic trips that didn’t go as planned.… https://t.co/oeYymaQSeu
    • The Airbus A380 looked like it would be the spiritual successor to the 747 Jumbo Jet. Here’s why it failed.… https://t.co/JVj9JbSuPB


Daily travel links for 2019-02-13: Acapulco’s calling, travel scams and finding Cuarón’s Roma

Daily travel links for 2019-02-12: Cities on Instagram, hidden city hack punished and Taiwan’s outdoors

    • An #airline is suing a passenger who missed his flight by using a “hidden city” ticket because he violated their terms and conditions… https://t.co/68xJCr4efj
    • These are some of the wackiest things confiscated by the #TSA last year, including spear guns, saw blades and snake… https://t.co/sosUIY2agI


Daily travel links for 2019-02-11: USA Today Travel’s demise, undertourism and meeting in the middle

    • This reader asks whether or not giving money to go travelling is a suitable 21st birthday present? I’d say, yes. Wh… https://t.co/E3m5b87JcT
    • Most people who walk the Camino de Santiago take the popular Camino Francés but a growing number of walkers are choosing to take the route less travelled… https://t.co/i9CeNccedM

Daily travel links for 2019-02-08: Real bucket lists, germ-killing robots and supersonic travel

Daily travel links for 2019-02-07: Ghana is trending, more guns at airports and a Jumbo Jet hotel

Daily travel links for 2019-02-06: Airline compensation bots, more OneWorld airlines and Saudi’s tourism push

    • The best time for new couples to take their first vacation together is apparently at the 10-month mark.… https://t.co/e5G1csDkDK


Daily travel links for 2019-02-05: Year of the Pig, airport mini offices and a KGB museum


Daily travel links for 2019-02-04: Travelling light, selfie seats and airline upgrades

    • This traveller journeys to a part of #Nepal that few other tourists have ever visited. By writing about it, he’s probably doomed it to be overrun with tourists before long… https://t.co/ov4hb75v4t
  • As much as I love authentic Asian cuisine, I can fully appreciate an old-fashioned Chop Suey restaurant, especially those found in small Canadian towns… https://t.co/Rfn7WsMJgQ

Daily travel links for 2019-02-01: The world’s best airline, documenting every language and $1,000 hotel rooms

    • For some visitors, the only reason to go to #Cairo is to see the pyramids at Giza. They’ll be glad to hear that an airport being built nearby will let them skip the city entirely… https://t.co/gqvB71ZzOW
    • I’m always up on reading tips on how to get the most for your money when travelling. Here are some more.… https://t.co/inklMbmYo9
    • One of the best ways to ensure you actually take time off is to schedule your vacation days in advance.… https://t.co/WfMFX3SRD0