Daily travel links for 2019-04-19: California banning toiletries, Taiwan street food and airplane restaurants

    • During my visits to #Taiwan, I spent too much time in fancy restaurants that I missed out on these delicious looking street foods… https://t.co/CLY8iZVoJl
    • The U.S. National Park Service says says shattered glass was ‘deliberately’ spread along a Lake Michigan beach to injure people… https://t.co/hekas2Y5ze


Daily travel links for 2019-04-18: New Cuba restrictions, AI border guards and facial recognition

    • Facial recognition may help you board a plane faster, but should we be worried about our privacy?… https://t.co/wqrohFfxCU


Daily travel links for 2019-04-17: Free flights to Paris, the Neon Museum and picking new airline routes

    • This horrible story about a Canadian tourist falling to his death from a zipline in Thailand may have you reconsider riding one… https://t.co/56HWAEF4OG


Photos: Zesty views of Zimbabwe

zimbabwe flag

In honour of Zimbabwe’s national day on which it declared independence from the U.K. in 1980, having formerly done the same in 1965 as Rhodesia, here are some photos of the African country that will make you wish you were there:

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#rescue #pangolin #mosttraffickedanimal . . . Last week was full of surprises! We got a call from National Parks asking for assistance with a Pangolin rescue over 150km away! . . . Again not sure what to expect on arrival we were very pleased to find out that this little baby (estimated to only be about 6 months old) was handed over to the district police station by some passer bys, who spotted her and were worried about her fate if left where she was roaming. . . . In good health, but too young to be released this little girl is now at a specialized Pangolin rehabilitation Centre, where she will be cared for and raised until she is old enough and weighs enough to safely be released back into the Wild! . . . It is always an amazing opportunity to be apart of a Pangolin rescue, and even more so getting to work under an organization such as the Tikki Hywood Foundation who have decades of experience when it comes to these mysterious creatures! We always learn so much with each new rescue! . . . Wishing her all the best on her journey back to freedom!! . . . #everylifecounts #wildlifeconservation #oneatatime #freetobewild #sanctuary #zimbabwe #primatesanctuary #rehabilitation #reacued #wildlifeconservation #pangolinconservation #pangolin #pangolinlove @harveymckay 📷

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Daily travel links for 2019-04-16: Loving Paris, weighing passengers and closing Everest Base Camp

    • Can you list any of the countries in the world that have no rivers? There are more of them than you think.… https://t.co/1R6u9Wo3Fb


Daily travel links for 2019-04-15: World’s largest airport terminal, souvenir collections and Iceland’s cooling off

Terminal 3 Station at Beijing Capital International Airport
    • That Lancaster bomber I always stopped to visit when arriving in New Brunswick from Quebec is on its way to a museum… https://t.co/wSI6bcdXO7
    • If you believe this story, it really is possible to take an unplugged, tech-free family vacation. I have my doubts.… https://t.co/PSC3wiGnME

No countries for old rivers

Believe it or not, but there are countries in the world that don’t have a single river within their borders.  Some of them because they are very small, others because they are islands and some because they are mostly desert.

Some have temporary rivers during the rainy or wet season when torrential downpours fill wadis and valleys, but the rest of the time, they are bone dry.

The list of riverless nations includes Bahrain, Comoros, Kiribati, Kuwait, Libya, Maldives, Malta, Marshall Islands, Monaco, Nauru, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tuvalu, United Arab Emirates, Vatican City and Yemen.

On top of that, there are another 16 territories like Bermuda, Easter Island and Gibraltar without rivers.