Daily travel links for 2019-06-14: LAX’s retro hotel, waiting for Hagrid and a vagina museum is opening

The Theme Building at LAX


Daily travel links for 2019-06-13: NatGeo’s travel photo contest, rage rooms and Portugal is the new hotness

    • I can think of no other activity I’d want to do less than visit a “rage room,” but they are supposedly all the rage… https://t.co/tXqVjzJct2
    • Hardly surprised to hear that the recent spate of tourist deaths is taking a toll on Dominican Republic tourism industry… https://t.co/8Xcy1tIO30


Daily travel links for 2019-06-12: Ethical travel, best and worst airports and Chernobyl’s influencer problem


Daily travel links for 2019-06-11: Airport facial scans, an emerging destination and travelling the world for free


Daily travel links for 2019-06-10: Bourdain’s recommendations, seagull photobomber and Japan without Japanese

    • These are the 5 most ‘underrated, douche-free destinations,’ according to Anthony Bourdain. https://t.co/GRmOmp3oFp
    • Watch a 4-year-old boy filmed calling out woman behind him on a plane for her poor etiquette.… https://t.co/8vhqGus2in

Daily travel links for 2019-06-07: Armrest etiquette, Canada’s Blue Flag beaches, selling U.S. tourism under Trump

    • Is the person stuck in the middle seat on a plane entitled to both armrests? I think so, but it seems many others don’t… https://t.co/sVNSezF21E
    • The government of Canada advises against #travel to 12 different countries. Which of these four on their blacklist woud you want to visit… https://t.co/LOAUvRr0bc


Daily travel links for 2019-06-06: Surviving the middle seat, America’s cuba ban and get married in Amsterdam

    • How many of the 14 countries on the US State Department’s ‘Do Not Travel’ list would you be willing to visit?… https://t.co/XGJbnfgKBN

Daily travel links for 2019-06-05: America’s most popular tourist experiences, airport runways and strange Chinese customs

    • TripAdvisor names the most-booked tourist experience in each U.S state. How many would you try?  https://t.co/NA6YPGsNYw
    • Those Second World War ships that serve as floating memorials today face a bigger enemy than the Nazis or the Japan… https://t.co/aAQ6hNvt7V
    • Feel guilty about the environmental impact of your flights? Here is everything you need to know about carbon offsets… https://t.co/lNlKKFKcn2
    • Heed this advice on when to use an ATM compared to a currency exchange bureau while travelling.… https://t.co/fmjNWb9qsg
    • Here are 24 of the world’s most unusual landscapes. I’ve seen 4, so only have 20 to go! https://t.co/jX5qD4fF7P

Daily travel links for 2019-06-04: Visit Uzbekistan, boycott North Korea and Wow Air’s collapse is affecting Iceland

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Daily travel links for 2019-06-03: Paying for employees’ holidays, more travel hacks and the overlanding business