Recent spate of deaths is a reminder to tourists of the dangers of selfies

After three visitors died at the Grand Canyon in eight days, two of which were caused while they were taking photos of themselves, authorities are reminding people of the dangers of “death by selfie.”

The phenomenon of people putting themselves at risk while taking photos has been on the rise as smartphones and social media grow in popularity around the world. A recent study found that over a recent eight-year period more than 250  people have died while taking selfies.

While the number of people killed is not huge compared to other causes of death, it is definitely more of a problem in certain countries and is more statistically significant than other dangers that worry tourists, like death by shark attack.

There’s even a new word to describe the phenomenon: “selficide.”

While there has been some moral outrage in the media about selfie deaths, or selficides, some are reminding us that it can’t all be blamed on narcissism and modern technology since tourists have been falling over the edge of the Grand Canyon for as long as people have been visiting the natural wonder.

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