Why are so many tourists behaving badly?

What is going on? In the past week, my news feeds have been filled with headlines about tourists who have seemingly lost their minds and others who have decided tourists themselves are fair game.


First there was this gem about a Dutch tourist who thought it was cool to give a Nazi salute at a Holocaust-era death camp.

Next up are some morons who thought they could immortalize themselves by scratching their own names over ancient carvings. It’s actually amazing that people this stupid know how to write.

Then, of course, there are airline passengers which continue to show levels of entitlement that would make Marie Antoinette blush like these folks who thought nothing of giving themselves upgrades to business class since the seats were empty.

Then there are the run-of-the-mill stories about people who can’t wear masks on flights, cause a fuss then force the crew to turn the plane around. I’m pretty sure there have been thousands of these incidents since the pandemic began so it’s getting to the point that they barely make the news anymore.

At least this guy who thought it was okay to grope a flight attendant has learned his lesson.

Although this guy only got a fine.

Then there are tragic stories like this one where a Mexican tourist visiting Canada was stabbed by a lunatic in a Tim Horton’s in Vancouver.

What does the rest of 2022 have in store?

Daily travel news for 2022-01-25: EU eying new COVID procedures, A cool LEGO globe and Carrying spare eyeglasses

Covid test
    • The EU is recommending that vaccinated residents should not be required to undergo COVID testing or quarantine measures… https://t.co/lqMy9CmVUi
    • There’s definitely a Venn diagram intersection of people that will totally dig this LEGO globe.… https://t.co/hpscObrdhH
    • Even if a flight is half empty, you can’t self-upgrade to business class. You might start a riot, like these passengers did… https://t.co/9LG9skJcpr
    • As expected, more tourist destinations are requiring COVID-19 boosters before you enter, including these 7 examples… https://t.co/gjaLZqLAtg


Travel Trivia Quiz #12: Oh, Canada!

Canadian provincial flags

How much do you know Canada? Here’s a travel quiz that asks 10 questions about the Great White North. I’ve put in a few easy ones for you, but I’m sure there are a few that will stump you!

Welcome to your Travel Trivia Quiz #12 - Oh, Canada!

What do the most northern, southern, eastern and western points in Canada all have in common?
British Columbia is home to Canada's three tallest waterfalls. At 840m in height, which is the tallest?
Which Canadian hotel is said to the most photographed in the world?
In which western Canadian city do all RCMP officers undergo their basic training?
Five of Canada's 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are concentrated in one province. Which is it?
Which province is home to the only verified Viking settlement in North America?
The Bluenose schooner is immortalized on the Canadian dime. Which Nova Scotia city is the home port to the Bluenose II?
Where did the beloved fictional character of Anne of Green Gables grow up?
Only two other Canadian cities outside of Ottawa are home to national museums. Which of these three does not have one?
Which province is named after one of Queen Victoria's children?

Daily travel news for 2022-01-24: Vaccines required to drive into US, New border measures and Cruises with a purpose

    • If you’re driving across the border into the US today and are not an American citizen, you must now be fully vaccinated against COVID to enter the country… https://t.co/vwA6g0G7Bq
    • I haven’t been to the US since the pandemic began, but once I do cross the border there will be new technology in place to speed things along… https://t.co/Z4QFr9XQ0H
    • “The future of cruises is smaller and more purpose-driven,” reads the headline, but how does that scale?… https://t.co/PpNm2DJKME


Daily travel news for 2022-01-20: The museum at the end of the world, At the end of Route 138 and Cruise line mocks COVID protocols

A seal on South Georgia island
    • Enjoy this cute story about how the sign at the end of Quebec’s Route 138 has become a popular tourist pilgrimage attraction during the pandemic. https://t.co/7utWdWBo1Z
    • So when the CDC asks #cruise lines to “voluntarily” follow COVID-19 protocols I guess that means they get to drop them the next day… https://t.co/5iAwF6Swxq



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