Daily travel news for 2022-11-04: No refunds for you, A Bourdain map and Another lame TikTok travel hack

    • Not sure how long Anthony Bourdain’s star will continue to shine, but these fans have compiled an obsessive list of the places he’s been and the meals he’s eaten and plotted it all on an interactive map… https://t.co/B6nOHPBgDK
    • This TikToker’s secret on how you can take 46 days of vacation with just 18 PTO days? Time your days off to stack up with statutory holidays. Wow, like no one has ever thought of that… https://t.co/x1yJ8u4LZg
    • I’ve had baggage handlers rip the handles off of my suitcases or smash the wheels, but I’ve never seen the level of carnage… https://t.co/tppduYSA80
    • With everyone rushing out to #travel the world again, you might think that the case for virtual experiences is closing, but there not everyone has the privilege of being able to actually leave their homes… https://t.co/5cGfsWxhyB


Daily travel news for 2022-11-02: Travel deals via VPN, Becoming an ethical traveller and The rise of the ‘promad’

    • Will using a VPN to disguise which country you are from get you a cheap holiday deal when shopping online? This writer investigates… https://t.co/ayLjbuiaFx
    • British football fans’ inability to spell this star’s name is causing headaches for a Swedish tourism destination.… https://t.co/JqWLZxKfs3

Daily travel news for 2022-10-31: Lowering travel expectations, Year-end lists coming early and More tourists behaving badly

    • When it comes to #travel, our expectations have been dampened down from Great to – at best – Fair to Middling and that’s a good thing… https://t.co/AsvcnQJRaq
    • Publications used to wait until the end of the year to list their top #travel destinations for the year ahead. Now there’s getting earlier and earlier like this National Geographic list… https://t.co/J7wyeLUey9
    • Another day, another tourist in Italy behaving badly. This one was posing nude in front of a cathedral.  https://t.co/okO0yAW57W
    • Did Vikings carve these runes in Oklahoma? Probably not, but it’s a cool story if they did and that matters more than the truth… https://t.co/J0CxFUKLlP


Daily travel news for 2022-10-25: Middle seat lottery, Painfully obvious travel hacks and Michael Palin’s going to Iraq


    • In a recent poll, only 0.6% of travellers said they prefer the middle seat. To get the other 99.4% to intentionally, one airline is holding a lottery… https://t.co/p8bPx8VkL8
    • Hey, someone on TikTok came up with this #travel hack to bring an empty water bottle through airport security only to fill it up on the other side. What a genius!… https://t.co/LpuBPhN8c6
    • Michael Palin grandson is not so happy that his famous grandfather will miss his birthday while he travels to Iraq.… https://t.co/YZmkIuDYHQ


Daily travel news for 2022-10-24: Greenwashing in the travel industry, Visiting hurricane-hit destinations and Travelling with a tiny bag

    • The #travel industry can’t meaningfully address climate change by talking about how important it is and not actually doing anything… https://t.co/4M0YDDiUK2
    • What is it about Italy that makes tourists behave like asshats? This latest example is a story about a visitor who stole a gondola in Venice… https://t.co/DXHbEEAN1a
    • Never mind Scandinavian death metal, Botswana’s heavy metal scene is where it’s at and they’ve got a new festival… https://t.co/sGwJf8iYO1
    • Some older travellers are ditching the traditional cruise holiday in favour of exploring the world with a backpack… https://t.co/RfEIe8AwET
    • As #hotel prices rise, consider staying at local, independent properties which can be cheaper than international chains… https://t.co/wGgxdlRKjK