Daily travel links for 2021-04-09: Dumping bucket lists, Work from sea and and Incentivizing vacation time

    • If you can work from anywhere, why not do it on a cruise ship? Princess Cruises is turning its ships into ‘offices at sea’ with wifi speeds rivalling those found on land… https://t.co/FhC3otIZ8k
    • Some companies are using drastic measures to push employees to use their time off that has accrued during the pandemic… https://t.co/RRgEe6SCwf


Daily travel links for 2021-04-08: Avelo is America’s new airline, Travellers welcome vaccination passports and Influencers keep influencing

Avelo airline airplane
    • It’s interesting to note that Avelo, America’s first new mainline #airline in nearly 15 years, is focusing its inaugural routes on destinations near national parks, which is a wise move during a pandemic… https://t.co/HqcIwKlza1
    • More than 90% of travellers would welcome vaccination passports to restart travel, according to a survey sponsored by a travel company… https://t.co/ENocFFLDW2
    • This guy is making his own airplane meals to get through lockdown, but it just isn’t the same unless you’re balancing it on a tray over your knees during turbulence… https://t.co/Ylu8OKlmyR

Sherpa’s interactive map plots COVID travel restrictions around the world

Sherpa map

Canadian travel tech company sherpa˚ has developed a Travel Reopening Map that lets travellers search for destinations open to travel and the COVID-19 testing and quarantine rules for both outgoing and return routes.

To power the map, sherpa˚ processes data from thousands of sources, including governments, airlines, airports, tourism boards, public forums and media outlets.

“International travel is an important part of our global economy and human experience; yet, planning travel in a global pandemic is a challenge,” said sherpa° CEO, Max Tremaine in a press release announcing the tool.

“Our team’s mission was to deliver a digital solution that closes the information gap with the real-time accuracy travellers need to make informed decisions and travel confidently.”

The map-based UI is customizable and can be integrated into partners’ websites and apps via embeddable widgets, API or white-label web apps in a number of languages.

American Airlines was the first partner to launch the map.



The Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa is going virtual once again

Canadian tulip festival

It’s looking like The Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa is going virtual again this year.

As of this week, the Province of Ontario has announced a stay-at-home order within weeks of the tulips blooming at the festival site in Commissioners Park, at Dow’s Lake.

“The safest way to enjoy the tulips this year is online,” stressed the festival’s Executive Director,  Jo Riding. “With the information provided by Ottawa Public Health, we knew to prepare for a third variant-based wave this spring and have done everything we can to bring the tulips to Ottawa, Canada, and the world.”

Fans of the festival are asked to stay home and experience the gift of tulips through an immersive virtual experience at www.tulipfestival.ca.

Virtual walking tours with a live tour guide are being offered from May 14 – 24, 2021, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST, and cost $10 per ticket.

Festival organizers aren’t new to hosting a virtual festival, having had to pivot to a completely online event last spring within two months of the pandemic. Given their experience last year, organizers were understandably cautious when planning for the upcoming 69th edition of Ottawa’s longest-running, largest attended event.

For those who live in the Ottawa area, the festival is fundraising through the sale of fresh, locally-grown cut tulip bouquets, sold online for curbside pickup or next-day delivery. All proceeds of the flower sales go towards the continuation of the Canadian Tulip Legacy, a registered charity.

The thirty public tulip gardens in the National Capital Region will remain open for local visitors, but festival organizers ask that they wear a mask,  visit at non-peak hours and follow social distancing guidelines while enjoying the flowers.

Admission to the festival site at Commissioners Park beside Dow’s Lake is free.

Daily travel links for 2021-04-07: Vaccine passports, Transat’s woes and Devalued loyalty points

vaccination passport certificate
    • With three previous suitors for Transat saying they are no longer interested in acquiring the struggling travel operator doesn’t have many choices left… https://t.co/1YEIdXC3Fb
    • Now that #travel is almost back, get ready for the likely devaluations of the loyalty points and miles the entire world has been hoarding for the last year… https://t.co/IvVSuf7uel
    • This writer describes a Venice canal cruise he took with a baby in tow and how the trip nearly put him off #travel forever,… https://t.co/NB4agNhPbO
    • Instead of thinking of #travel dreams as bucket-list items to finish before you die, the pandemic is inspiring many to create living lists that they will complete while very much alive… https://t.co/G66x9vGPyB