Daily travel news for 2022-06-23: That liquid ban, Misbehaving travellers and People are getting worse

    • This US airport displays all the forbidden liquids travellers tried to bring, demonstrating what a ridiculous rule it is… https://t.co/fmqLeWk8IA
    • ‘Passengers Need to Learn How to Behave on Planes Again’ reads the headline. Let’s correct that to ‘People need to learn how to behave again.’ https://t.co/Fzz8hR1ps1
    • Remember how we were going to travel different after the pandemic? People are actually worse… https://t.co/lJNy9VFFkB
    • If you want the safari industry to benefit Africans, consider going on an ‘ethical’ safari. https://t.co/FS5GhqYVg7
    • I think someone wasn’t paying attention when they gave the safety demonstration before the plane took off. https://t.co/od5kzZeUCY


Daily travel news for 2022-06-21: The dark side to resorts, An epic bus trip and Saving points or burning them

    • How does an epic 70-day bus trip from Delhi to London that passes through China and Russia sound about now?… https://t.co/Ke4yWVHN1U
    • Inflation is chipping away at your travel rewards points. It’s better to burn them than save them.… https://t.co/9TwZTrEPZ4
    • Instead of offering miniature bottles of soaps and shampoos, this #hotel company will furnish its room’s bathrooms with full-sized bottles… https://t.co/H6FwI9eh2e
    • On the plus side, unvaccinated Canadians can board planes as of today. On the negative side, it won’t help reduce the delays travellers are experiencing in the nation’s airports.https://t.co/cetwfQUOyX
    • Airlines, hotels, and entertainment venues are strategically incorporating scents into the ‘tourism experience’ to get you to come back… https://t.co/svvEXxDck6


Daily travel news for 2022-06-17: Using that extra airport time, Stopovers vs. layovers and Travelling with difficult people

    • With all of the chaos in the world’s airports these days, here are 10 suggestions of how to use that extra time, assuming you’re not in line the entire time… https://t.co/abT7AEvotp
    • This woman explains why she can’t #travel with anyone for more than three days straight. Sounds like a fun person to be with… https://t.co/aWCla2C2xo
    • Confused by recent travel rule changes and chaos in Canadian airports? Here’s what you need to know about what’s going on… https://t.co/XzpzugefmT


Daily travel news for 2022-06-14: Canada lifting vax mandates, Travelling with your ex and Extreme chair sitting

COVID vaccine dose
    • Ottawa is set to finally to lift COVID-19 vaccination requirement to board flights and trains in Canada.… https://t.co/GTb5UzorqA
    • If you had booked a non-refundable vacation with someone you later broke up with, would you still go? This couple did… https://t.co/QGbKhgqMN3

Daily travel news for 2022-06-13: Europe by horse, Non-traditional uniforms and Quebec’s Blue Lagoon

    • Move over Blue Lagoon, Quebec is building an even bigger artificial thermal pool to soak tourists.… https://t.co/8ceZ1y379Y