is the only travel company with a spot in this year’s Super Bowl ad lineup

Melissa McCarthy Super Bowl ad

The fact that there are zero crypto advertisements in this year’s Super Bowl is not a good sign for that industry, but what does it mean that there’s only one travel-related advertiser?

Last year’s big game featured three travel-themed advertisements, but in 2023, only shelled out the big bucks again this year to air a spot for broadcast in the United States. Perhaps it means that travel businesses are doing so well  that they don’t need to advertise at the moment. Or maybe the competition is eating’s lunch and they need to catch up. Whatever the reason, here is their spot which stars comedian Melissa McCarthy:

It reminds me an awful lot of the advert with Katy Perry, but with a less catchy tune and less inspired costumes.

So has Melissa McCarthy inspired you to book your next trip with or has Katy Perry convinced you to stay home and order something to eat instead?

If you want to see all of the other ads that aired during the big game, follow this link.


TV Food Maps lets you find all of those restaurants you see on television

TV Food Maps screenshot

I’m more of a You Gotta Eat Here guy, but I have probably watched more Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives episodes than I care to admit. That’s why I’ve got lists of restaurants featured on both shows programmed into my GPS for when I’m on road trips in Canada and the United States.

Both shows are Food Network staples and feature amiable  hosts discovering local eateries across the continent. On their recommendation, I’ve eaten at some holes in the wall that I never would have known about and they are among some of my most memorable dining experiences.

TV Food Maps is a website that helps you pinpoint restaurants spotlighted not in those two shows, but in dozens of others. It has an extensive searchable database that helps you locate some amazing dining establishments. There’s even a road trip tool to help you plot places to visit while enroute from Point A to Point B. There are also some pre-populated itineraries such as a map of the best restos along Interstate 95, for example.

If you like food, travel and road tripping, then TV Food Maps is worth a stop.