Test your geography knowledge with Worldle


Never mind Wordle, check out Worldle, a game that travellers will love as it tests their geography knowledge.

Instead of guessing random words, this game challenges you to guess countries by presenting a random shape each day that represents the country’s border on the map.

Like Wordle, you’ve got six guesses. Each time you make an incorrect guess, Worldle tells you how distant your guess is from the correct country and offers an arrow pointing in its direction so you know if you’re guess is to the east, west, north or south.

As an added challenge, you can hide the country’s image or have it randomly rotated.

Up for the challenge? Check out Worldle at https://worldle.teuteuf.fr.


Drive and Listen is your virtual gateway to the roads of the world

Drive and Listen screenshot

If you’ve never driven in the Swiss Alps or walked the streets of teeming metropolises like Tokyo or Mexico City, then the website Drive and Listen is the next best thing.

Using point-of-view videos paired with live radio streams from locations around the world, you can experience what it’s like to drive a car, motorcycle or bicycle in places near and far.

If that’s not enough, there are other options, like walking or hiking tours, or more static cameras offering views out of windows or of natural landscapes.

Open a stream in your second monitor while you’re working and imagine you’re typing on a train to Hanoi or in the front seat of a car driving through Cancun.


Calculate the power of your travel documents with the Passport Index

passport index website

Just how “powerful” is your passport? In other words, how mobile does it allow you to be in terms of entering other countries without needing a visa, or at least yield you a hassle-free visa-on-arrival, eTA or eVisa issued within a few days.

The Passport Index aims to calculate the relative ability of different nations’ travel documents to open doors for travellers through various metrics. These days, COVID has added an additional level of complication, but it’s all taken into account on this website (which is also an app) and if you’ve got two (or more) passports, it can help you figure out which one to travel with.


Explore Canadian filming locations on the “Netflix in Your Neighbourhood” website

Netflix in Your Neighbourhood is a new website that makes it easier for fans both local and from around the world to find and explore Netflix filming locations that all have one thing in common: Canada.

Netflix in Your Neighbourhood provides a window into the Canadian cities and towns that have been featured in the streaming service’s films and series. Visitors to the site can search filming locations by a film or series title, or by province. Fans can also access directions to these destinations, and see how they’ve been featured on Netflix.

Netflix says it has filmed hundreds of productions across Canada and the site will feature some current highlights, as well as select new titles, once they are released.

In a press release announcing the new website, Netflix cited a recent study that shows that Netflix audiences are 1.8 times more likely to have seen Canadian content than those who don’t watch Netflix. And people who have watched Canadian content are 2.1 times more likely to say Canada is their #1 travel destination. It gave the example of a show like Somebody Feed Phil which has an episode dedicated to Montreal; members who have viewed that episode were 79 per cent more interested in Canada’s food and drink and 76 per cent more interested in Canadian cities.

Whether you are from Paris, Ontario, or Paris, France, Netflix says it wants to help people fall in love with Canada.


Kayak map charts international travel restrictions by country

Kayak travel restrictions map

Confused about which countries you can travel to during the COVID-19 pandemic? Everyone is because the rules are constantly changing with the shifting rates of infection and vaccination around the world.

Kayak has created a useful, colour-coded map that quickly illustrates which countries are open, which have some restrictions and which are totally off limits.

The tool is useful for anyone as you can set your country of origin and it updates the map depending on where you are travelling from.

As I write this, only a handful of countries are fully open to Canadian travellers, but there are plenty of places that will let you in with enough testing and quarantining if you are truly determined to go there.