Globe Genie will transport you anywhere

Who wouldn’t want the superpower to teleport to any place on the globe instantly? It may not be as good as the real thing, but Globe Genie harnesses the power of Google Street View to send you just about anywhere, virtually.

Meetways calculates the half-way point between two places.

Search 500,000 free, public wi-fi hotspots on getWi.Fi for when you travel

Placing Literature helps you map locations from books.

The Great Circle Mapper will chart your airline routes.

Natural Atlas maps America’s great outdoors.

Generate a map of all the countries you visited with MapLoco.

They Draw and Travel is a whimsical collection of maps hand-drawn by travellers.

Where is your cruise ship right now? Marine Traffic pinpoints the location of any ship in the world.

Google Sightseeing lets you explore the world through the miracle of Google Maps.