Canadian travel tech company sherpa˚ has developed a Travel Reopening Map that lets travellers search for destinations open to travel and the COVID-19 testing and quarantine rules for both outgoing and return routes.

To power the map, sherpa˚ processes data from thousands of sources, including governments, airlines, airports, tourism boards, public forums and media outlets.

“International travel is an important part of our global economy and human experience; yet, planning travel in a global pandemic is a challenge,” said sherpa° CEO, Max Tremaine in a press release announcing the tool.

“Our team’s mission was to deliver a digital solution that closes the information gap with the real-time accuracy travellers need to make informed decisions and travel confidently.”

The map-based UI is customizable and can be integrated into partners’ websites and apps via embeddable widgets, API or white-label web apps in a number of languages.

American Airlines was the first partner to launch the map.

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