Dayrooms lets you find hotel rooms you can rent for the day or part of a day

Hotel rooms aren’t just a place to sleep, they can also be booked for day use, but it’s not always easy to reserve a room for use during daylight hours.

Maybe you’re in a foreign town for a single day and need a temporary office or place to hold a meeting. Renting a hotel room for a few hours might be the easiest answer. Day Rooms is a site that helps you find a hotel that will rent you a room for daytime use.

Other ideas for a daytime hotel room is as an alternative to a stay in an airport lounge. While they may be comfy for a few hours, having your own hotel room for a long layover can be even better as you will get some peace and quiet and access to the gym, pool and other amenties.

Rome2Rio lets you plan your route using many types of transporation, not just flights

Rome2Rio screenshot

There is no shortage of booking sites where you can purchase air tickets online, but Rome2Rio was one of the first to integrate multiple modes of travel to include train, bus and even taxi fares into your itineraries.

Pick your point of origin, your destination and your dates of travel and Rome2Rio will plot the various combinations of air, rail and bus that will get you there.

With each leg of your journey, Rome2Rio also lists the prices for the different carriers so you can build an itinerary that suits your schedule and budget.

Pick the most impossible destination you can think of and Rome2Rio will figure out what it takes to get you there.

Let Airwander help you find stopover destinations when you fly

Airwander screenshot

Stopovers are an underappreciated way to discover new places.

Most of the time, we think of them as inconvenient stops on the way to the place we really want to visit, but if you’re strategic about your stopovers, you can use them to explore cities you’ve never been to before.

With multi-day stopovers, you can create a mini-holiday on the way to your destination and even a second one on the way back. In some cases, adding stopovers can actually end up saving you money on your airfare because people usually pay a premium for direct, non-stop flights.

Airwander is a website that can help you find flights with stopovers. Just plug in your point of origin and destination and it serves up stopover suggestions for you to consider. It’s as simple as that.


If you’re still seeking flights home during the pandemic, check all versions of the booking site you’re using

A research team from VPNOverview analyzed several major online airline booking sites this week and discovered that anyone still stranded abroad that is looking for affordable flights to get home will get different results by using different versions of the sites that are aimed for specific countries.

On March 22 and 23, the Dutch website that specializes in cybersecurity and privacy topics examined several flight options that are still available via large booking sites like Skyscanner, Agoda, and Expedia.

They looked at flights available on the Dutch, American, Romanian, Portuguese and British versions of the relevant booking sites to see whether the offer and pricing of flights changed depending on the regional version of the site.  They also checked whether changing the IP address by using a VPN had any impact on the price and availability of flights.

In one example, they looked at the Dutch version of Skyscanner to book a flight from Cairo to Düsseldorf on March 28, 2020. The “fastest” flight was 17 hours and 25 minutes at a price of €1779. The American version of Skyscanner offered an 8 hours and 35 minutes flight that cost a mere €492. Many other examples were observed and it wasn’t always the British or American version of the booking website didn’t show the fastest or most competitively priced flights.

Their conclusion was that for anyone booking a flight online, they are advised to review multiple versions of the booking site they are using to ensure they are shown the most suitable flight options which is especially important during a time of crisis like the one the world is currently experiencing. A full article explaining the study’s methodology can be found on VPNOverview’s website


Flight Connections shows you all the flights from any airport

You can pretty much fly from any one point on Earth to another within a day or two, but chances are you’d have to make multiple connections to do so. Flight Connections shows you the direct flights from every major airport so you can plot your travels most efficiently.