Daily travel news for 2022-10-12: Are COVID precautions still necessary, Praising overnight trains and Asia dropping travel restrictions

    • Across Asia, borders are opening and quarantine measures are lifting as even the last few countries clinging to COVID restrictions are abandoning them. The sole outlier seems to be China… https://t.co/u31jEUzV1Y


Daily travel news for 2022-10-11: No more hotel shuttles, Banning Air Tag and Flying affecting the climate

Airport shuttle pickup spot
    • Reports that Lufthansa is banning AirTags in checked luggage are false, but their have been concerns in the past that they post a fire hazard… https://t.co/aGBRPbnDqn
    • While more people can afford to fly, the question is whether the planet can afford to accommodate more flying, but no one wants to hear that right now… https://t.co/Z2cb3xujJv
    • Always remember the rule of thumb that the answer to any headline that end with a question mark is no.  https://t.co/sWXGKm6pf7
    • Sorry, Verdun. You’re not on this year’s list of the world’s coolest neighborhoods, but at least Montreal is still represented at fourth place… https://t.co/jNXxNqNfJF
    • What do you do if you arrive in a foreign country and realize you forgot your wallet and have no way to pay for anything?… https://t.co/6vlp1aWreo

Daily travel news for 2022-10-06: Sleep tourism, Instagram ruining tourism and Mexico’s army-run airline

    • Let’s face it. Most of the time you spend in your #hotel room you are unconscious and your eyes are closed so it makes sense that sleep tourism is on the rise… https://t.co/vPfogDNoZu
    • Enjoy this rant about visiting the Instagram capital of the world which laments that too many people want to experience the same things because they went to the same websites and read the same reviews… https://t.co/unkQC4tfnJ
    • Mexico is considering an army-run airline which begs the question, why not one run by the air force?… https://t.co/K7pyg0tpb0
    • A new unauthorized biography of the late Anthony Bourdain digs into some of the reasons why the iconic figure may have killed himself and asks the question what happens when travel is not enough?… https://t.co/isB842RRg1


Daily travel news for 2022-10-04: CDC dropping COVID advisories, McDonald’s singing manager and The world’s highest ATM

Covid test
    • With fewer countries testing widely for COVID-19, the CDC is suspending country-specific #travel advisories simply because they don’t have enough data. https://t.co/DmvpVCaihT
    • Tourists are coming from far and wide to visit London’s busiest McDonald’s. Not for the food, but for the singing manager… https://t.co/4Tmc8AVvki
    • It’s been decades since I crossed the Khunjerab Pass, but I learned today that it’s now home to the world’s highest ATM. I guess that’s reason enough to go back… https://t.co/85DGSBmDSY


Daily travel news for 2022-09-30: Travel writing’s future, Big cities no one visits and Useless travel advice

travel gear
    • This list of the 10 biggest cities on Earth that no tourists visit reminds me of the time I was in Ürümqi, an obscure city that’s pretty average for China yet would be somewhere between Montreal and Toronto in terms of population… https://t.co/1uTVfYuBQa