Daily travel news for 2021-09-17: Canadian vaccine passports, The Grim Sleeper and Sudden travel bans

Canadian provincial flags
    • Various Canadian premiers vowed that they wouldn’t require proof of vaccination, but here we are. With no common system between them, here’s how to travel between provinces… https://t.co/fbt47qI2Cu
    • The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada is predicting that its members won’t fully recover from the pandemic for many years… https://t.co/EWiGsfIEzd

Daily travel news for 2021-09-16: Air travel recovery by 2024, Destinations for Canadians and Montreal wax museum closes

    • If you’re Canadian and looking to #travel abroad during this COVID-19 era, here are some of the places you are allowed to visit… https://t.co/W5HSdndyH3


Daily travel news for 2021-09-15: Tourist pledges, Private pet jets and Be prepared if you catch COVID on the road

    • Anyone who grew up on the Winnie the Pooh stories will love this adorable woodland house now available on Airbnb.… https://t.co/beuc2vQH3u


Daily travel news for 2021-09-13: Ethics of vaccinated travel, Avoiding kids on flights and When will travel really return?

Pfizer COVID vaccine
    • Is it ethical to #travel from a highly vaccinated country to one that’s not so fortunate during the Delta wave of the pandemic… https://t.co/G5GzqRa5xo
    • If you hate sitting next to kids when you fly, one #airline displays on their online booking site which seats are occupied by children… https://t.co/jKw41bdYnO


Daily travel news for 2021-09-10: Respecting workers’ holidays, Looking for the best air-travel app and Movies that show off Canada

    • Some companies may curb business #travel after the pandemic and say it’s for environmental reasons, but most of them will do it because it saves them money… https://t.co/5Euwo2TnUK