Daily travel links for 2018-10-31: Airplane white-noise generator, Istanbul’s new airport and another deadly selfie

    • Need some help falling asleep? Enjoy the white noise of an airline cabin courtesy of Sleep Jet. Now if I could only fall asleep in real airplanes… https://t.co/LHWQUVKI1m


Daily travel links for 2018-10-30: Souvenir vending machines, forest bathing and Mexico City’s airport rejected


Daily travel links for 2018-10-29: Germy planes, hotel upgrades and encouraging voters

    • A new study reveals how psychological factors affect the ratings people provide online and how they describe their experiences… https://t.co/cwJ3S18Nuw
    • No visit to the UK is complete without a visit to the local #pub. Here are 50 of the UK’s best to experience.… https://t.co/C3r631Jh7N


Daily travel links for 2018-10-26: Boracay reopens, working with Bourdain and astrotourism

    • The director of ‘Parts Unknown’ describes the process of working with Anthony Bourdain.  https://t.co/5WR9M2LVZ9
    • One of the truly great things about travelling is getting to places with dark skies where you can actually see the stars… https://t.co/RUntzBTuRE

Daily travel links for 2018-10-25: WWABD? Bosnian Spanish and spreading ashes at Disney

    • Disney World would like you to please stop spreading ashes of your dead relatives in its parks. Thank you.… https://t.co/oFJOyyr808

Daily travel links for 2018-10-24: TSA on Instagram, Mexico’s ancient game and airports for layovers


Daily travel links for 2018-10-23: Lonely Planet’s 2019 list, understanding wabi-sabi and travelling with a local

    • Sri Lanka tops Lonely Planet’s just-released #list of the best places to visit in 2019 which has some pretty obscure choices… https://t.co/LwlNftLwJY
    • The most isolated war graves of the British Commonwealth can be found in the desolate Namibian Desert.… https://t.co/A1XKZvyHPP


Daily travel links for 2018-10-22: Canada’s cannabis tourism, Swoop delays and pot for cruise passengers

Daily travel links for 2018-10-19: Vacation deprivation, West Texas road trip and a dispersed hotel

    • Workers from the United States, Japan, and Thailand took the fewest number of vacation days when compared to several other countries… https://t.co/Yd7DhNfpei
    • More tourists behaving badly: A Canadian and Brit are arrested in Thailand for spray-painting graffiti on an ancient wall… https://t.co/vYlVdWHr19

Daily travel links for 2018-10-18: 2019 travel predictions, hidden places and crossing the DMZ

    • From eco-activism to uncharted territories, here are some #travel predictions for 2019 that tick off just about every buzzword… https://t.co/8xkjt7Z6MW
    • This list offers 10 hidden places the world doesn’t know about, but I guess now does know about since they can read this story… https://t.co/YTOy6MlDsm