Daily travel news for 2022-05-02: Spanish drink curb, Jet lag cures and Dressing like an influencer

drinks by the resort pool
    • British holidaymakers are not happy with a new Spanish regulation that limits the number of free drinks that an all-inclusive can serve in a day… https://t.co/jhZSXjxfLI
    • I’m always interested in reading about jet lag recovery options like the ones offered in this story. Unfortunately, they all require work and I want a quick fix,… https://t.co/qTIop0Tq1R
    • Many Americans won’t fly abroad because of COVID-19 reentry tests, says this survey. Never mind the 60 percent that don’t have a passport… https://t.co/b6MSPjOyrC
    • Alaska Airlines will let people wearing Star Wars costumes board early. Just be sure to put your blaster into your checked-in luggage so you don’t get hassled at security… https://t.co/WBo0wXAb0J
    • PSA: It’s not okay to lean over from the middle seat to film out the airplane window without asking the person in the window seat first… https://t.co/ziBcPH4jXs


Daily travel news for 2022-04-28: Recycling hotel soap, EV road trips and Keep your shoes on

    • Who says you can’t roadtrip in an electric vehicle? Here are 17 European itineraries that are perfect for EV drivers… https://t.co/ESm5JSRHiu
    • I’m not someone who takes his shoes off on a flight, no matter how long, and you shouldn’t either. Here’s why.… https://t.co/pGQnu8xEG7
    • Tourists have been accidentally crashing their drones into historic buildings in Italy and I’m guessing it’s not the only place… https://t.co/mREEBghMTd
    • This Australian #hotel‘s mystery leather-and-fur room item baffled the internet for a while, but the mystery had been solved… https://t.co/xrxP2ecVL5
    • The EncycLoopedia bills itself as the ultimate toilet #travel guide and offers history, fun facts and bathroom etiquette for when you need to go wherever you go… https://t.co/l2A0BuSnZt


Daily travel news for 2022-04-27: Some destinations still off-limits, A travel resurgence bubble and World’s most over-priced attractions

    • The only Canadian entry on this list of attractions that tourists think are too expensive is the CN Tower.… https://t.co/zPNMyGVcGC


Daily travel news for 2022-04-26: Most popular museums, Aruba’s clever promo and India’s Jewish cooking

    • If you believe that museums that get the most web searches are more popular, then these are the world’s favourites… https://t.co/Kt2hXD7nUi
    • A surprising amount of #travel revolves around consuming alcohol. This travel agent discovered a niche for travellers who want healthier alternatives… https://t.co/k3YAxx1ksL


Daily travel news for 2022-04-22: Travel’s new normal is the old normal, Costner’s travel app and Vacationing without your spouse

    • Instead of taking a vacation with your spouse, sometimes it’s a good idea to take a vacation *from* your spouse.… https://t.co/IUJ1plJz3G
    • The U.S. Justice Department is appealing the court order voiding the federal #travel mask mandate. Good luck trying to re-impose it… https://t.co/qQ6sXa6F6e
    • Now that the U.S. has dropped its mask mandate on flights, United Airlines says it may reinstate some of the unruly passengers it had banned for flouting the mask mandate… https://t.co/QmqvsLK9x9
    • Is it possible to truly relax during a ‘workcation?’ Probably not, but it’s better than no vacation, argues this essayist… https://t.co/pk9BECZm4y