Daily travel news for 2022-07-27: Photograph your luggage, Free travel documentaries and Busy airport lounges

    • This passenger offers the #travel advice to take photos of your luggage and its contents before flying. I would add the suggestion of including the information on your baggage tag inside your bag in case the tag falls off… https://t.co/aqL8dP0ZHV
    • Not everyone traveling this summer. Here are 8 free documentaries you can watch on CBC Gem that will reveal some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes… https://t.co/fyTRREfrkj
    • Schiphol is the first airport in the world to say it will permanently limit its number of flights in order to combat climate change… https://t.co/R6iZFRZBBS
    • At least U.S. Travel’s new Sustainable Travel Coalition has decided to meet virtually instead of jetting off to meetings in glamourous locations… https://t.co/bULIwkiYwG


Daily travel news for 2022-07-26: Blame TikTok, Working to go on vacay and Airlines’ bleak future

    • Travel executives have been searching for scapegoats on which to blame this summer’s airport chaos instead of themselves. Heathrow’s boss is blaming a TikTok wheelchair ‘travel hack.’ … https://t.co/fXPgzggI8y
    • This article from Fortune about the ‘new world’ of air travel is an interesting read. TLDR: Expect airlines in the future to charge more, fly fewer flights and to do it less reliably… https://t.co/rJCD8lFwjh
    • This writer argues that airlines should offer child-free flights, no matter the cost. Self-centred, maybe?… https://t.co/rS7yE0ToLy
    • The climate crisis is for poor people, not the celebrity rich who use their private jets for three-minute flights.… https://t.co/66JdcV9pL6
    • On their deathbed, nobody looks back and wishes they’d taken less time off so take your holiday time while you can.… https://t.co/bPlkUYaHUH
    • Nepal is banning TikTokers from some of its tourist sites because it says they have become a nuisance.… https://t.co/jNr55d5zQX
    • The head of Frankfurt Airport says some of this summer’s travel chaos could be avoided if people didn’t all insist on flying with black luggage… https://t.co/ekifQtszsK
    • If you want to be a #travel influencer these days you need a gimmick in order to stand out. This guy travels the world with three cats on his shoulder… https://t.co/XiiNOHtB6l
    • This traveller refuses to sleep on planes because he snores. I only wish I could sleep on planes.… https://t.co/PndpiwsFam


Daily travel news for 2022-07-21: Summer of lost luggage, Your COVID souvenir and The stages of transformative travel

    • Here’s what you should do if you bring a case off COVID back home as a souvenir of your holiday.… https://t.co/SQEdBwQR46
    • Given the chaos in the #travel world right now and the rising costs spurred by inflation, maybe you’re considering a #staycation this summer. These experts explain how to make one that’s actually a memorable, and even joyous, experience. https://t.co/P30kO527e8


Daily travel news for 2022-07-19: Flight offsets failing, Sustainable beach vacations and France’s overtourism plan

    • Apparently, planting trees to offset the emissions from our airplane flights isn’t saving the planet like we thought it would.… https://t.co/Js8EDwiQ4h
    • Here’s how to plan a sustainable beach vacation. Does it include walking there instead of flying?… https://t.co/qDcIEOlYzO


    • The reason the world’s airports are in chaos? Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said “this all happened because people learned to get easy money from working out of their homes, and fewer people now want to come and do the jobs that they were doing.”… https://t.co/EljILtWXX7

Daily travel news for 2022-07-16: Luggage trackers, Priceline secrets revealed and Canadian COVID testing

    • If you’re flying this summer, you may want to consider luggage trackers in case the airline loses your bag.… https://t.co/NSLQqAFvdk
    • I’ve had success saving money while booking ‘secret’ #hotels on Priceline, but some have been duds. Now there’s a browser extension that identifies them before you book… https://t.co/lRL9Ao4qzo
    • Here’s how offsite random COVID testing will work for international air travellers to Canada.… https://t.co/OREN4tf9Nl
    • On the shore of the Red Sea, the forward-thinking Egyption resort town of El Gouna was founded with a mission: to to do its part to protect the environment. … https://t.co/N9kjr8g0r3