Visit these Canadian destinations to experience next month’s total solar eclipse

Are you ready for the once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse that is coming to North America this April 8? It’s less than a month away so it’s time to get ready and there are several amazing locations right here in Canada that will offer prime viewing experiences, including Montreal, where special viewing events are planned, and areas south of Toronto.

If you plan to travel to a part of the country where you can appreciate this celestial event with a more scenic backdrop, recommends several including Point Pelee National Park, Long Point Provincial Park in Ontario or Mont Orford in Quebec.

Other smaller urban centres that will experience the eclipse include  Hamilton and Kingston, Ontario; Fredericton, New Brunswick and Gander, Newfoundland all of which are within the path of totality, but just about everywhere in Canada will see some part of the eclipse, as is demonstrated in the video below:

The important thing to remember is to never look at the eclipse directly as it can cause serious and permanent damage to your eyes. Use one of these safe techniques instead:

  • Use special eclipse glasses: Wear eclipse glasses with special solar filters to protect your eyes. Regular sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun.
  • Use a pinhole projectors: Create a pinhole projector, which allows you to view a projection of the eclipse without looking directly at the sun.
  • Use a telescopes with a solar filter: If you have access to a telescope, make sure it is equipped with a proper solar filter before observing the eclipse.
  • Supervise children: Ensure that any children watching the eclipse are properly supervised and understand how to use eclipse glasses or viewers safely.

The time of the event will vary by location, but here in Montreal it all starts at 3:12 EDT and the duration of the eclipse is for only around four and a half minutes so hope that the weather is good and there are no clouds! If there are, you can always watch a live stream of the event online.


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