Daily travel news for 2023-02-07: No-fly pledge, Inadequate insurance and disappearing stars

    • With airplanes producing a large amount of climate-warming emissions, a growing number of travellers are signing pledges to never fly again. It’s a nice gesture, but it will take a lot more people doing the same to make a difference… https://t.co/jRtoPIHeAQ
    • Let this story be a reminder that you need #travel insurance and whatever insurance you currently have might not be adequate… https://t.co/RtKmWkH4tH
    • When is the last time you actually saw the stars? Light pollution is getting worse and they could eventually disappear forever… https://t.co/07NB9Xd8kF


Daily travel news for 2023-02-06: Pricey European vacations, Leaving a positive mark and The joys of interrailing

Street scene in Bruges
    • Remember when you could save money on a European vacation if you booked it during the shoulder season? Those were the days… https://t.co/RbHP8RFdvc
    • These are the things you shouldn’t be bringing with you when you #travel and most of them aren’t actually objects you carry… https://t.co/TCgBliH6DX
    • Stretching 192km, the Peak of the Balkans Trail bridges three previously war-torn nations and crosses through some of the prettiest landscapes in Europe… https://t.co/IUONy5E8tf


Daily travel news for 2023-02-05: Changing travel habits, Talking with Americans and More train trips

    • According to this study, more Quebecers are choosing to #travel locally, but only a minority of them are ready to change their habits to mitigate the effects of climate change… https://t.co/6goCJzzcVh
    • Having travelled with some Americans in Europe recently, I can confirm that conversations between them and local people sound like this… https://t.co/7wU0lBcqG2
    • If you believe Pinterest is a good predictor of #travel trends then 2023’s biggest will be that we will take more train trips this year… https://t.co/NsWIfrhuXo
    • The paradox for ski resorts is that they are threatened by climate change, but because their operations are so energy-intensive, they are helping make things worse… https://t.co/1LICWgxhKg
    • One of the biggest factors affecting the recovery of the #travel industry from the pandemic is the absence of Chinese tourists… https://t.co/tD9eP5doPc
    • The Yucatan’s Mayan sites are its big attraction, but if you’re looking for something different consider the lost hacienda trail… https://t.co/kgPpMKi5aN


Daily travel news for 2022-12-19: Bizarre travel marketing, Measuring airline complaints and Unused vacation days

    • The Canadian Transportation Agency is now tracking air #travel complaints using a metric that tracks complaints per 100 flights… https://t.co/bOhYXweYUa
    • It’s not quite at the level of American workers, but Canadians are not using all of their vacation days … https://t.co/47BFkfIr5y


The top 10 travel destinations for 2023 according to an AI

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The past few years, I’ve been compiling my top 10 travel destinations for the year ahead using a random generator instead of adopting to the usual formula of picking places that are celebrating important anniversaries, hosting major events or are places that the writer is sucking up to in order to score a press trip or maybe as a thank you for a previous trip. Instead, seeing that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is the hotness this year, I asked it to write a top 10 list for me. Here it is, completely unedited:

The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, BoliviaThis vast salt flat is a sight to behold and is perfect for those looking for a unique travel destination. Not only is it one of the world’s largest salt flats, but it’s also home to various species of flamingos, making it a popular spot for birdwatchers.

The Faroe Islands

Faroe IslandsLocated between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are known for their rugged beauty and wildlife. In 2023, travellers can experience the annual Grindadrap, a traditional whale hunt that takes place on the islands.

The Canadian Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rocky Mountains are a must-visit for nature lovers. In 2023, travellers can take a scenic train ride on the Rocky Mountaineer, which offers stunning views of the mountains, forests, and rivers.

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts, and in 2023, travellers can witness the hatching of the giant tortoises. These massive reptiles are an impressive sight to behold and are one of the main attractions on the islands.

The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall of China is one of the most iconic structures in the world, and in 2023, travellers can explore its length and discover its hidden treasures. From the breathtaking views to the fascinating history, the Great Wall is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

The Republic of Vanuatu

VanuatuLocated in the South Pacific, this archipelago nation offers a unique blend of Melanesian and Polynesian cultures, pristine beaches, and adventure activities such as volcano hiking and scuba diving.


Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan is a landlocked country known for its emphasis on happiness and sustainability. Visitors can explore the ancient monasteries, trek through the mountains, and experience the unique culture and traditions.


GreenlandThe world’s largest island, Greenland offers a unique blend of Inuit culture and rugged Arctic beauty. Visitors can go dog sledding, ice hiking, and whale watching, as well as explore the colorful capital of Nuuk.

The Azores

The AzoresA group of nine islands located in the North Atlantic, the Azores offer a unique blend of Portuguese culture and stunning natural beauty. Visitors can go whale watching, hiking, and exploring the crater lakes and volcanic caves.


Located in the North Atlantic, Iceland offers a unique blend of rugged landscapes, hot springs, and Viking history. Visitors can go hiking, whale watching, and exploring the colorful capital of Reykjavik.