Daily travel news for 2023-02-08: Tourism Resilience Day, All-you-can-fly airlines and The safest seat on a plane

    • Mark February 17 on your calendars. The United Nations has approved Jamaica’s resolution to set that date as Global Tourism Resilience Day… https://t.co/Zz8vZcSAZJ
    • Don’t you hate when you’re stuck in a middle seat in the back of a plane? You might not if the plane crashes. It’s the safest seat on the aircraft… https://t.co/9pznDAPfss
    • This airline passenger paid extra for a window seat. That’s technically what he got, but he’s not happy and who would be?… https://t.co/fVwsXxdxXa
    • This Italian museum that displays plastic objects collected from beaches demonstrates just how long the stuff we throw out actually hangs around… https://t.co/ta1q48LRa9
    • You’ve got to love this story about a northern Ontario #hotel that attracts the attention of passersby by stuffing cars into a snowbank… https://t.co/3zrjgZl1Wl
    • In his new book, Montreal writer Mark Abley reflects on a 1978 trek along the Hippie Trail from Turkey to Nepal, the last year it was safe to do so… https://t.co/oF1C8yMj11


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