Daily travel news for 2022-05-02: Spanish drink curb, Jet lag cures and Dressing like an influencer

    • British holidaymakers are not happy with a new Spanish regulation that limits the number of free drinks that an all-inclusive can serve in a day… https://t.co/jhZSXjxfLI
    • I’m always interested in reading about jet lag recovery options like the ones offered in this story. Unfortunately, they all require work and I want a quick fix,… https://t.co/qTIop0Tq1R
    • Many Americans won’t fly abroad because of COVID-19 reentry tests, says this survey. Never mind the 60 percent that don’t have a passport… https://t.co/b6MSPjOyrC
    • Alaska Airlines will let people wearing Star Wars costumes board early. Just be sure to put your blaster into your checked-in luggage so you don’t get hassled at security… https://t.co/WBo0wXAb0J
    • PSA: It’s not okay to lean over from the middle seat to film out the airplane window without asking the person in the window seat first… https://t.co/ziBcPH4jXs


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