Daily travel news for 2022-04-28: Recycling hotel soap, EV road trips and Keep your shoes on

    • Who says you can’t roadtrip in an electric vehicle? Here are 17 European itineraries that are perfect for EV drivers… https://t.co/ESm5JSRHiu
    • I’m not someone who takes his shoes off on a flight, no matter how long, and you shouldn’t either. Here’s why.… https://t.co/pGQnu8xEG7
    • Tourists have been accidentally crashing their drones into historic buildings in Italy and I’m guessing it’s not the only place… https://t.co/mREEBghMTd
    • This Australian #hotel‘s mystery leather-and-fur room item baffled the internet for a while, but the mystery had been solved… https://t.co/xrxP2ecVL5
    • The EncycLoopedia bills itself as the ultimate toilet #travel guide and offers history, fun facts and bathroom etiquette for when you need to go wherever you go… https://t.co/l2A0BuSnZt


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