Daily travel links for 2019-12-09: Checking your phone at the border, good travel books and Verdun’s wildlife

    • Travellers to the U.S. are being reminded that border agents can still easily search their phones.… https://t.co/8p1mmW4Vjk
    • If you fly more than six times a year, you’re part of the reason climate change is a problem.… https://t.co/6lW9a4opM9
    • Modern families are growing further apart. Literally. This survey says the average family spans 2,077 miles around the world… https://t.co/cWHMiBXMis
    • I’m kind of surprised that this survey found that only 50% of travellers felt happier after doing something kind for a fellow traveller… https://t.co/sMbe88oW4V

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