Daily travel links for 2020-07-10: A new airline out of Quebec, staying home this year and T+L reader awards

    • Just reading now about OWG, a new Quebec #airline that will be flying to sun destinations. Seems like an odd time time to be launching a new air carrier… https://t.co/PbcOHf6QO9
    • If you live in the United States, perhaps the idea of a summer road trip isn’t so great after all. With no sign of the pandemic slowing, USA Today makes the case of staying home this year… https://t.co/Ipob1OsLhe
    • Travel+Leisure is getting a lot of mileage out of its readers’ choice awards as everyone and their mother trumpets winning first place. What I want to know is how can you vote for the best hotel, tropical island, tourist attraction unless you’ve been to them all. Perhaps the wording should be ‘favourite’ instead of ‘best’… https://t.co/JAoETCYmxf
    • The Norwegian #cruise line Hurtigruten is returning, but its ships won’t be stopping at any ports of call for the forseeable future… https://t.co/PsgVh7qkwj
    • #Airline passengers are finding ‘creative ways’ to remove #masks, says an American pilot. Judging from the amount of people I see wearing them as hats or chin warmers ,I’m not surprised… https://t.co/8JdkRH1qzv
      • Some health experts in the U.S. worry that summer road trips could help spread #coronavirus and are recommending that if you do travel, then self-isolate when you get home… https://t.co/Qx2bDsfl9f
    • You read the stories about the travellers stuck on tropical islands or luxury yachts because of the #pandemic lockdown, but what about this guy who was stuck in an airport for more than 100 days… https://t.co/FqeOjg2MX5\
    • This poll finds that 86% of Canadians want the border with the U.S. to stay closed because of the #pandemic, but only 36% of Americans agree… https://t.co/tYUIxykEmA

Daily travel links for 2020-07-08: Volunteer virtually for the UN, Canadians’ pandemic worries and resuming business travel

    • Stuck at home with some extra time on your hands? Have you considered virtual volunteering with the United Nations? https://t.co/H2Q9HNKAaq
    • A recent survey finds that Canadians are reporting more pessimism about the future, despite the improving #pandemic, mostly because they worry about what’s happening south of the border… https://t.co/FgPzh4K37W
    • Months after their student trip to Europe was cancelled, Saint John families are waiting to get their money back. https://t.co/VWu2DaDL03


Daily travel links for 2020-07-06: Canada’s boosting health presence, a lightship hotel and museums welcoming visitors again

    • The idea to convert an old British lightship into a #hotel is cool, but the rooms are so modern and luxurious, they could be anywhere… https://t.co/mBoQIhYgpC
    • Canadian #museums and other #tourist attractions are ready to welcome back visitors. Just don’t expect any hands-on, interactive exhibits, especially the kind that kids like… https://t.co/jfwm3j6BcS


Daily travel links for 2020-07-03: Hotel cleanliness claims, balloon to space and the SPAM Museum reopens

    • Now that we’re all germaphobes (virophobes?), maybe we shouldn’t take all of those #hotel promises about cleanliness at face value… https://t.co/ChlSW3dHDl
    • You might be able to take a balloon trip to the edge of space by 2021, although a lot of us will just be happy to to travel anywhere by next year… https://t.co/P9HgV8mIAq
    • You’ve probably heard that the Eiffel Tower has re-opened to visitors, but did you hear the news that SPAM® Museum is opening again?… https://t.co/PE73KUUbq7


Daily travel links for 2020-06-26: Air Canada seat sale, safe road trips, useless travel insurance

    • Not many people are flying right now so Air Canada’s big seat sale features flights for next year.… https://t.co/KAhkTn2jDK
    • Many British Columbians are planning summer road trips, but they likely won’t be of the Jack Kerouac variety.… https://t.co/H7b3NUjntb
    • The CEO of Kayak says interest in holiday #travel is even higher than last year, but the fine print is he’s talking about site visitors and not actual bookings… https://t.co/Pqj2Y1alw6
    • Talk about a fear-mongering tabloid headline: “Hotel warning: Guests urged to prepare for ‘starving and aggressive’ bedbugs… https://t.co/BzPUIitR68
    • This story says that a 40-year study reveals that people who take three weeks of vacation reach year have “lower rates of death”  https://t.co/1ijOI6NH3f
    • I like that Air Canada is offering entertainment content to Aeroplan members that they can stream at home for free… https://t.co/S9zDYyVTea
    • This report forecasts that road trips will make up 97% of all #travel in the US this summer, but cautions that the total number will be lower than last year… https://t.co/tmLF6GSNjh