Daily travel links for 2019-05-21: Ditch the carry-on, extra fees and the last of the photo booths

    • Just a reminder to not bring your carry-on luggage with you if you have to evacuate from an airplane during an emergency… https://t.co/ePrVsi2BsB
    • Pay attention to the fees and taxes when booking a #hotel through sites like Expedia. This traveller was hit with thousands in extra charges. https://t.co/yqDcLNSaZp
    • I don’t think even the most dedicated fitness fanatic would try the “airport chair workout.”… https://t.co/ioRyUtDz0a
    • Americans prefer road trips to flights, according to a poll commission by Ford, so it must be true.… https://t.co/yzLklKbbn3


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