Daily travel links for 2019-01-14: Travel addiction is real, places for meaningful travel and nice Canadians

    • It’s possible to be addicted to #travel. In 2000, “vagabond neurosis” was officially added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders… https://t.co/7gSupgcaF7
    • If I don’t visit any of these 13 places to #travel “meaningfully,” does it mean that I’m wasting my life by visiting other places… https://t.co/W7odpqHN7X
    • What’s more Canadian than air traffic controllers north of the border sending pizza to their American counterparts affected by the government shutdown? https://t.co/VZ5gK40fhf
    • Interesting to note that a stowaway bird found on a Singapore Airlines flight was sitting in business class. 🐦… https://t.co/PcwuQ5y8B2
    • The secret to getting a #hotel room upgrade is to simply ask for one. It doesn’t hurt if you have a good reason and are polite… https://t.co/1EeOu8NfHy


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