Daily travel links for 2018-09-12: Toking and travelling, champagne for space tourists and travel writing satire

    • The world can breathe a sigh of relief now that researchers have developed champagne glasses for space tourists.… https://t.co/eSeX2LGSeA
    • This satirical piece by McSweeney’s titled “So You Want to Be a Boutique Hotel Copywriter?” cuts a little too close to home… https://t.co/lEHhgxGCHb
    • Yes, you are allowed to wear your onesie when you fly, but unless you’re under 5 years old, why would you?… https://t.co/X55QlPq4o9
    • Flying in Canada (and everywhere else) can be a nightmare for passengers. Know your rights!  https://t.co/zIXSJuJYsp
    • Give some applause to this guy who walks to and from the #airports he visits instead of taking a taxi. You don’t see that every day… https://t.co/ePafrULi4p
    • I’ve seen more monarch #butterflies than usual this year, so it’s maybe no surprise that they’re flocking in huge numbers in Point Pelee before heading to Mexico… https://t.co/Qowh5t6DxE


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