Daily travel links for 2018-07-30: Travel stresses relationships, better airline meals and ending Instagram envy

    • My last #hotel stay required three trips to the front desk to get my key card re-magnetized. That’s not an issue at these hotels that still use real keys… https://t.co/ns7WWoZiyI
    • This is what to do when weather delays your flight and some ideas on how to avoid them.  https://t.co/mHCYbgCfqb
    • Atlas Obscura readers pick their favourite landmark signs. Montreal’s Farine Five Roses sign gets a mention. https://t.co/KDoDXg8BMf
    • I don’t think I’d ever want to live in a tiny house, but I like the idea of renting one for a vacation. Here are 10 places to try them… https://t.co/sTwOYr2zld

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