Americans ready to fly, but not as keen on cruises and crowds: Survey

While many people never stopped travelling for pleasure during the pandemic, the vast majority of us have been stuck at our home base for more than a year. There’s clearly a pent-up demand for travel and the United States is a good bellwether for what happens once more Canadians are fully vaccinated against COVID.

By all accounts, flights and holiday bookings are ramping up this summer in the U.S., but are there still people who are going to wait a bit longer?

Invisibly used it’s Realtime Research tool to poll 2,799 Americans to find out how they feel about returning to airplanes and cruises and compared the results to an identical survey done in July 2020.

A selection of the results are illustrated below. It would seem that some people are playing it safe this summer. For a detailed breakdown of the survey methodology and expanded results, check them out here.


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