Daily travel links for 2020-12-04: Most dangerous places for 2021, virtual medina shopping and second passports

    • An interactive map that reveals the most dangerous countries in the world to #travel to has been updated for 2021 and that’s not including coronavirus hotspots… https://t.co/KVx6YoBEq7


Daily travel links for 2020-12-03: Shortening quarantines, ethical travel and skirting non-essential travel rules

    • Now that the CDC has shortened its quarantine recommendation for U.S. travellers to 10 days from 14, but including a COVID test, some Canadians are asking for the same thing in this country.… https://t.co/PEhsYTw869
    • It would be interesting to read an American perspective on how Canadian snowbirds skirt Canada’s nonessential travel guidelines, but this isn’t it… https://t.co/HfpygOkLjl


Daily travel links for 2020-12-02: Airlines’ vaccine challenges, Japan criticized and wooing the business traveller

    • A digital media company that owns The Points Guy has bought Lonely Planet and says it remains committed to publishing the print version of their guideooks.… https://t.co/gY23ZKSZzB
    • With Italy and France bowing to German pressure to ban ski holidays for a spell due to Covid, Austria is set to grudgingly follow suit, but Swizterland is holding out… https://t.co/sMVKhhsAJo


Daily travel links for 2020-12-01: Dump your travel credit card, my city is the best and pointless travel awards for 2020

    • Should you renew your #travel credit card for 2021? Are those rewards points actually going to be worth anything when the cash-starved airlines start welcoming travellers after the pandemic?… https://t.co/NiSrKAPoWh
    • Personal identity and geographic location are inextricably linked which is why everyone thinks their city is best in the world… https://t.co/uEgeMFUOcH
    • It seems a bit silly that World Travel Awards were handed out for 2020, but I’m sure Madrid is chuffed that it was the best meetings destination… https://t.co/HLnIEkPnXY


Daily travel links for 2020-11-30: Canada extends restrictions, love for pilgrimages and selling sleeper rows

    • Canada will extend its restrictions for all travellers entering the country, except from the United States, until January 21… https://t.co/b8smxNa2Yq
    • That joy of getting a full row of seats to yourself in economy class will be a thing of the past with #Lufthansa selling them off as sleeper rows… https://t.co/SXR7SIElCe