Daily travel links for 2020-11-23: Trips of a lifetime, Venice’s entry fee and cruise warning

    • These 10 adventurers recall their trips of a lifetime, which probably won’t resonate with most ordinary people as they involve a lot of climbing of tall things and running long distances… https://t.co/7pBvEfQz7S


Daily travel links for 2020-11-20: Covid testing for Hawaii, a Star Wars hotel and Rocky Mountaineer’s U.S. expansion

    • Looks like Rocky Mountaineer is expanding to the United States. My guess is the closed border hasn’t been very helpful to their international business so are diversifying their revenue sources… https://t.co/bPEgrlaBlj
    • Once the pandemic is over, expect a rush of people trying to cash in the #travel reward points they’ve been hoarding. Cash-starved hotels and airlines won’t be so keen to honour them.… https://t.co/H2u1o0Ucbl
    • In case you were wondering why no one has bothered to launch an #airline catering to the Christian missionary market, someone has… https://t.co/n3GYEZNz3S
    • Scientific American evaluates the #COVID risk travellers face on planes, trains and automobiles although doesn’t the real risk happen when you’re on the ground, enjoying your holiday and letting your guard down? https://t.co/aJt8oH3C0v
    • It’s barely news anymore that Canada has extended the U.S. border closure for the umpteenth time. It’s closed until Dec. 21. Seeing how Covid rates are rising in Canada, Americans just might be happy that it stays closed for a while longer… https://t.co/NJtRBXFAHB


Daily travel links for 2020-11-19: Air Miles strategies, speed dating flights and a new Steve McCurry photo book

    • I love this selection of images from the legendary photographer Steve McCurry’s new book.  https://t.co/0qfs73tXjf


Daily travel links for 2020-11-18: Discouraging international travel, America’s recovery and emission blaming

    • Despite encouraging vaccine news, Canada’s prime minister says the country is still in an ‘incredibly serious’ situation and is discouraging Canadians from travelling internationally right now… https://t.co/3sZSOOknvl
    • According to this study, just one per cent of the world’s population is responsible for up to half of all air-travel induced carbon emissions… https://t.co/5sQ7NFd5Fz
    • Bill Gates predicts that more than 50% of business #travel will disappear in a post-coronavirus world. I’m guessing that will be the half performed by middle managers and ordinary employees. The bosses will still travel… https://t.co/z4AF9oYy9f


Daily travel links for 2020-11-17: Rehabilitating cruise ships, Lonely Planet’s 2021 picks and NatGeo’s 2021 travel choices

    • Lonely Planet has announced its Best in Travel picks for 2021 for places you likely won’t be able to visit until 2022… https://t.co/LkbWLq2TCb