Twitter #traveltips of the week: What to wear edition

This week’s collection of #traveltips all focus on the clothing you should pack for your vacation.

Tip 1:

Verdict: This is the truth. Be sure to err towards comfort rather than good looks when selecting the footwear you bring with you when you travel, although it always nice when they offer both.

Tip 2:

Verdict: I’m a big fan of cargo pants, but they aren’t the most fashionable pieces of clothing. They are probably best when you are on the move, like through an airport or on a bus or train ride, but the rest of the time, they just look dorky.

Tip 3:

Verdict: I’m not a fan of carrying extra stuff just in case something bad happens. I’ve got enough junk in my hand luggage that I don’t want to waste it on something I’m unlikely to need. If my bag gets lost, I’ll just buy more clothing.

Tip 4:

Verdict: I’m a guy and I do this. With limited space in my carry-on luggage, I try to pack clothing that will mix and match so that I can vary what I wear on a daily basis without looking like a schmo.

Tip 5:

Verdict: This is good in theory, but useless if you’re travelling solo and the times I’ve travelled as part of a couple, this was never necessary.

What’s your #traveltrip on what to pack and wear when you travel?

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