Twitter #traveltips of the week: Make backups edition

Twitter is a great place to find travel tips, but is the advice any good? Like anything you read on social media, some of it is worthwhile and some of it is useless.

I’ve combed through my feed to check out some of the more recent pearls of wisdom being offered and give my verdict on whether the advice given matches my own travel experience.

Tip 1

Verdict: It’s a good idea to have photocopies of them to have on hand and digital copies in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Tip 2

Verdict: I do this and have used mine. There’s going to be a time that you need, at the very least, a bandage and you’ll be happy you packed one.

Tip 3

Verdict: Please and thank you are the first words you should master in any country you visit. The rest of the time, you can resort to using Google Translate.

Tip 4

Verdict: I am paranoid that my phone will die when I need it most and pack four portable batteries. I inevitability use them all over several days and then recharge the lot of them somewhere in the middle of my trip.

Tip 5

Verdict: I hate forgetting things in hotel rooms so always leave things in the same areas of each of my hotel rooms and before I leave, make a visual sweep of every surface, beneath the beds and the bathroom to make sure nothing is left behind.

What do you think? Seen any wacky travel advice online that made no sense or did you learn something that has become indispensable to your travels? Share them with us!

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