Bus Bud makes it easy to book long-distance bus travel online

busbud.com screenshot

Planes, trains and cruise ships get all the love, but inter-city bus travel is the reality for a lot of travellers, especially those on a budget. Until recently, it was a stressful experience to book bus tickets in a foreign country, but Busbud makes it a breeze.

The Montreal-based company’s bus-booking platform is both a website and an app that provides travellers instant access to an extensive global network of city-to-city buses. Busbud has partnered with heavyweights such as Greyhound, BoltBus, FlixBus, ALSA, BlaBlaBus, National Express, Megabus, and others to connect thousands of destinations around the world.

Available in a variety of languages and currencies, Busbud lets travellers purchase tickets in advance from large and small-scale bus companies around the world.


Travel the world virtually with Slow TV Map

Slow TV Travel Map

While travel is slowing coming back, most of us are still stuck at home which means virtual experiences are one of the few ways to still experience the world. Slow TV is a fantastic resource that catalogues a  host of languorous videos that let you view the world in a laid back way.

Take a first-person evening walk through the streets of Tokyo or a leafy hike along a British Columbia trail. These videos are relaxing and eye-opening portals into life in other places.

Since they are long and not narrated in any way, these videos might not hold your attention from start to finish, but they are nice to have on in the background while you’re working at your computer.  I like to run mine on a second monitor while I’m doing other work then, when I need a distraction, watch what’s going on in another part of the world and dream of the day that I get to see it in person.


StreetMusicMap charts the world’s street musicians

One of the charming things you can encounter while you travel are street musicians that really give you a feel for a place. I was just in Cuba where music is everywhere. Musicians are found on every street corner and music spills out of numerous bars and restaurants.

StreetMusicMap aims to collect short videos of street musicians from various parts of the world. Click on the map and explore the sounds of our global village.