Video: It’s good to be alive

As if any of us needed more inspiration to travel. This video brilliantly captures the feeling we get when we are exploring other countries. It is only then that we truly feel alive.

Wanderhunt is the Product Hunt for travel inspiration.

Video: Three years of around-the-world travel

What would it be like to travel around the world for three years and visiting 60 countries? Here are the best 3 minutes and 47 seconds of the 1.5 million minutes this traveller spent on the road.

Video: Time and Again

Enjoy this time-lapse video that takes you through 15 countries around the world in 4 minutes.

Video: Make it count

What would you do if someone gave you a bushel of money and 10 days? Do what these guys did. Travel around the world and make a movie about it.

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Video: Working to Live or Living to Work?

HomeAway has hit a home run with Prince Ea’s manifesto urging us to take our #wholevacation. His message reminds us that “life is all amount moments.”