Every New Year, travel publications offer their list of 10 places that you should visit in the coming year. Many are based around anniversaries or perceived popularity, but many seem to be selected randomly as long as they don’t match previous years’ selections.

Why not just randomly generate a list of country names instead? I’d bet that it would be just as interesting and probably just as believable as anything chosen by travel writers.

Here are 10 random countries I selected using Random List Generator:

            • Singapore
            • Trinidad & Tobago
            • Romania
            • Mali
            • Sri Lanka
            • Morocco
            • Ghana
            • Bhutan
            • Kazakhstan
            • Gambia

It might be a bit heavy on West African destinations, but I’d happily visit any of those places and several of them are already on my bucket list.

Give it a try and share your lists with us.

Random Lists Generator:

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