Express your love of travel with these perfect shirt designs

Do you have special t-shirts that you wear when you travel or shirts that show what kind of traveller you are? There is no shortage of clever and well-designed shirts out there to choose from, but here are a few that I like that you can buy on Etsy.

Iconspeak travel shirt
Translation apps might make this icon shirt for travellers less useful these days, but if you’re going somewhere particularly obscure where people speak a lesser-known language then it might come in handy. It might also be a good fallback for when the battery runs out on your phone. You can buy the shirt here.

Work Travel Repeat t-shirtLet’s face it, we only work so we can take afford to travel. If that’s you, then this shirt undoubtedly speaks to you. Grab one here.

Travel More Work Less
‘Don’t worry, be happy’ is a nice sentiment, but this one seems more appropriate for travellers. If you travel more, then you’ll worry less, unless you count the worrying you do when you travel. This one comes as a cosy sweatshirt that you can buy here.

Airplane mode shirtThis comfortable shirt with its cheeky play on words is the perfect choice for your in-flight wardrobe for your next trip. Get one in your favourite colour here.

world map shirt
If you want a travel shirt that’s universal, then this map of the world is the obvious choice. Best of all, when you meet people when you travel who don’t know where you’re from, then simply point out your homeland on the map. Buy one here.

If none of those appeals to you, then browse even more travel-themed t-shirts on Etsy until you find the one that best suits your style.

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