Daily travel news for 2022-10-11: No more hotel shuttles, Banning Air Tag and Flying affecting the climate

    • One of the casualties of the pandemic is the complimentary hotel shuttle from the airport. https://t.co/Il9ew8ZjWh
    • Reports that Lufthansa is banning AirTags in checked luggage are false, but their have been concerns in the past that they post a fire hazard… https://t.co/aGBRPbnDqn
    • While more people can afford to fly, the question is whether the planet can afford to accommodate more flying, but no one wants to hear that right now… https://t.co/Z2cb3xujJv
    • Always remember the rule of thumb that the answer to any headline that end with a question mark is no.  https://t.co/sWXGKm6pf7
    • Sorry, Verdun. You’re not on this year’s list of the world’s coolest neighborhoods, but at least Montreal is still represented at fourth place… https://t.co/jNXxNqNfJF
    • What do you do if you arrive in a foreign country and realize you forgot your wallet and have no way to pay for anything?… https://t.co/6vlp1aWreo

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