Daily travel news for 2022-08-11: CTA facing staff shortages, Europe’s ongoing travel chaos and Three-door plane exits

    • So not only are staff shortages affecting Canada’s airlines and airports, but also the Canadian Transportation Agency which logs passengers’ complaints… https://t.co/XC7P50TtMc
    • If you were hoping to avoid this summer’s #travel chaos and visit Europe in the fall instead, think again because problems will likely persist… https://t.co/gT57t3asSV
    • This Indian #airline says it’s the first to let passengers exit planes through three doors, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that before, or maybe it was two doors… https://t.co/wJHz09zuNU
    • The TSA has made a minor change to its airport screening systems that could dramatically speed up the process: no more boarding passes… https://t.co/6LMaqTUeqg
    • Qantas is asking its executives to work as baggage handlers for three months in order to deal with a staff shortage… https://t.co/KrLgdl75A7
    • Over the past 7 years, The Underground Donut Tour has been running across the US, UK and Ireland. The tour operator has entered Canada for the first time and chosen Vancouver as its first stop… https://t.co/VAzOwec0Dg
    • Here’s why beach vacations are bad for your mental health and what you should do instead. https://t.co/OvBXLS8z3x
    • Estonia and Finland want European countries to stop issuing tourist visas to Russian citizens, saying they should not be allowed in while their country is still at war with Ukraine… https://t.co/EDRbP42Yh6
    • For her vegan ‘meal’ on an Air Canada international flight, this traveller was given nothing more than a bottle of water… https://t.co/94ppmKjhJ5


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