Daily travel news for 2022-04-20: Canadians and masks, Quebec flights and Mask safety

    • If you want to find the Canadians in a U.S. airport, look for the people wearing face masks.… https://t.co/8axuDNROUJ
    • To encourage tourism to the regions, Quebec is subsidising round-trip flights so they will be capped at $500.… https://t.co/kf0c9gO4Vb
    • Is wearing a mask while travelling still helpful if you’re the only one? The quick answer is yes.… https://t.co/Z7fYMsxg6J
    • There’s nothing that says ‘sustainable travel’ more than cruising to the North Pole in a luxury icebreaker.… https://t.co/aOuAuLrCHc


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