Daily travel news for 2022-01-03: No travel refunds for you, 2022’s Top travel trends (maybe) and Last year’s biggest travel trends

    • Canadian travellers looking for refunds from COVID cancellations are discovering that a lot of #travel companies follow Star Trek’s Ferengi’s Rules of Acquisition. Rule #1? Once you have their money, you never give it back… https://t.co/CHS9LoKxpt
    • My takeaway from this story about the top #travel trends for 2022 is that every travel advisor is seeing something different so no one really knows… https://t.co/gGYfQjfUl8
    • I’m not sure how many of these 100 top #travel trends identified by Trendhunter in 2021 are actually going to take off, but they make for interesting browsing… https://t.co/6hlrQK7Z5c


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