Daily travel news for 2021-11-04: Hawaii reopens, Evacuating with your bags and Making conscious travel choices

    • These four experts discuss ways to make more conscious #travel choices. Let’s be honest, the only real answer is to not travel at all… https://t.co/sUQxvfaaN4
    • Will the Canadian government foot the bill if you get COVID while travelling? Don’t bet on it.… https://t.co/D1S07d4RgX
    • “The climate emergency is a bigger threat than Covid,” warned the World Tourism Organization Secretary General… https://t.co/Pi2R8H7lRq
    • These digital innovations brought on by the pandemic will make your next trip safer and more efficient, but will they invade your privacy?… https://t.co/tB7iIIXA4Y
    • Premium Economy is proving to be especially popular as more people return to the air. Here are some reasons why.… https://t.co/PjDSh4flO5
    • After a recent British Airways flight landed recently, instead of finding their bags on the carousel, passengers found boxes of frozen fish instead… https://t.co/qc85mQEJqn
    • According to @TravelLeisure, these are the ultimate vacations you should take for every decade of your life. Apparently, I’ve been doing everything in the wrong order… https://t.co/vKVc8yZ1eB


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