Daily travel news for 2021-09-29: A billion digital nomads, space tourism reality and suitcase scammers caught

    • Space tourism is a dream for many and it’s looking more possible then ever, but do you think that you’ll be able to travel to space in your lifetime?… https://t.co/KVzMCNDOv4
    • Two men scammed $300K from airlines by falsely claiming their luggage was lost. Now they face jail time.… https://t.co/5szneLxLBv
    • This flight attendant reveals that they know an #avgeek has been on the plane if the emergency instructions card is missing… https://t.co/BfZrweHcpJ
    • The Daintree, Australia’s World Heritage rainforest, has been handed back to its Aboriginal owners to become its custodians… https://t.co/nMej8ZOdjc


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