Daily travel news for 2021-09-27: Hotels without housekeeping, Resort fees during a pandemic and Accepting mixed vaccines

    • Some #hotel chains, like Hilton, are talking about daily housekeeping being a premium add-on. Here’s what that looks like. Hint: It’s not pretty… https://t.co/IPKR3gISjR
    • Ottawa is working in the background to get other countries, especially the US, to accept Canadian travellers with mixed vaccines… https://t.co/idHOgR0clz
    • A historic covered bridge in New Brunswick will be demolished and replaced with a new one. https://t.co/OtzdmF7GyJ
    • While the short-term outlook remains grim for the #cruise industry, the good news is that even though ships have fewer passengers, they are spending more onboard… https://t.co/eup2pCFA2u
    • This list of the most watched #travel destinations on TikTok seems like a list of large cities where the most TikTok users live… https://t.co/yvxuMS5jOM
    • If you’re like me and you’ve purged the #travel apps on your smartphone in order to save space, but are now ready travel again, here are some new ones to look out for… https://t.co/bViEhu9JYZ


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