Daily travel news for 2021-09-07: Air Canada’s pandemic tool, Cabin crew code and The stories of Timbuktu

    • Just in time for the opening of Canada’s borders to fully vaccinated international travellers, Air Canada has launched a tool to help people navigate different COVID-19 regulations around the world… https://t.co/5pEk1T7XHS
    • If you hear the cabin crew on you next flight asking if Tom Cruise is onboard, they are actually speaking in code.… https://t.co/8HszUNyJHe
    • If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting #Timbuktu and exploring the sands of the #Sahara, then you’ll enjoy this BBC profile of a guide who tells stories about the desert’s shifting sands… https://t.co/7nKYZbRuBs
    • Read about a photographer’s personal pilgrimage to visit a downed warplane in Papua New Guinea.… https://t.co/ngCzMdKTyK
    • Just as the pandemic has shifted the way we think about work or school, for some travellers pandemic life also became a time for them to rethink their relationship with alcohol when they travel… https://t.co/2VBkY60m65

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