Daily travel news for 2021-05-19: Last hurrah for WFH, Prince Edward County is ready and Flight attendant etiquette

    • More white-collar Americans are planning to #travel somewhere where they can work remotely this summer before they are dragged back to the office… https://t.co/O2rEydT2o0
    • Ontario’s Prince Edward County says it will be ready this time for the inevitable crush of tourists this summer… https://t.co/dQbUy5inGO
    • This story tells travellers how to get a flight attendant to like them, but the real lesson is how to treat flight attendants like people… https://t.co/OhGajI7JwA
    • Firefly tourism sounds innocent enough, but a new study shines light on how bug spray, flashlights, and foot traffic can take their toll on the fragile insects… https://t.co/dQjVCdGXBy
    • This LA woman travelled 6,000 miles to Seoul to remove a love-lock she had left there. What would have been funnier is if it had been culled by the local authorities who regularly remove them because they begin to weigh too much… https://t.co/HJCRozg0gY

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