Daily travel news for 2021-05-17: Mask mandates, Ugly Americans and A Titanic replica

    • Mask mandates have been especially polarizing in the US and while many states have been quick to drop them, travellers will still have to wear them when they fly… https://t.co/JnidystNLj
    • The ‘Ugly American’ Tourist stereotype had become universally accepted, but have you ever wondered where it came from? The Atlantic delves into its origins… https://t.co/WqtZMUdduh
    • A full-scale Titanic replica is being built in a Chinese theme park and you’ll be able to spend the night. Can’t wait to see the lineups in the bow as people recreate the King of the World scene from the movie… https://t.co/YLd2iEa8Tf
    • Boom Supersonic wants to change how we fly by offering to get you anywhere in the world in four hours for just $100… https://t.co/KhBUmlGVAO


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