Daily travel links for 2021-03-25: Post-pandemic spending spree, Testing to replace quarantines and When airlines get new planes

    • ‘Canadians itching to spend pandemic cash pile on #travel, summer rentals and backyard pools,’ reads the Globe headline, assuming you haven’t been fired, furloughed or gone bankrupt… https://t.co/UcAve4ZpEo
    • According to this story, the era of dirt-cheap flights is ending. Oh, well. As a Canadian, I can say that it never actually started… https://t.co/jCNxH4bfUV
    • Give credit to #Ottawa Tourism and Bluesfest for their Room Service Concert Series next month which lets guests watch comedy and music performances from their in-room TVs… https://t.co/rJ08MsHcgx


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