Daily travel links for 2021-03-03: Florence’s overtourism plan, Qantas mystery flights and First space tourist plane coming

    • In a bid to combat #overtourism, Florence wants to distribute artworks from the famed Uffizi Gallery and scatter them in towns and villages throughout Tuscany… https://t.co/1AbREPBvUo
    • In a bid to boost domestic #travel, Australian airline Qantas has launched “mystery flights”, where passengers have no idea where they are going… https://t.co/YaPyduT5hf
    • The world’s first spaceship tourist plane will be ready by 2022, but you won’t be able to take your smartphone along. Oh noes!… https://t.co/tNGCXxQYVX
    • If you think that Business Class is a great place for networking, then you’ve probably never flown Business Class.… https://t.co/H4XIT3gfvU


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