Daily travel links for 2021-01-29: Countries welcoming the vaccinated, Khao San Road’s origins and The world’s most dangerous airport

    • Any backpacker worth his or her salt has spent time on #Bangkok‘s famed Khao San Road, but do you know how it evolved from its origins as a rice market?… https://t.co/IXYgqHTFJc
    • This family took a winter vacation to a summer beach destination and loved it. I’ve done the same and thought it was awesom… https://t.co/UN7OaOctFV
    • The UNWTO says that 2020 was the ‘worst year in tourism history.’ Just wondering in what year tourism history actually began. I’m guessing World War II or the Black Death were pretty bad times for tourism, too… https://t.co/HGLhXXqaLe
    • Don’t have a 2021 calendar yet? Print out the TSA’s canine calendar that features lots of cute doggos.… https://t.co/RhSZRogTgH
    • There was already an art and a science to boarding an airplane, but that it has become even more complicated during the pandemic… https://t.co/TdolnTVnUs


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