Daily travel links for 2020-08-04: Better travel bans, supersonic airliners and organizing your photos

    • This Canadian researcher is working to help countries make better decisions about closing borders during COVID-19.… https://t.co/36mGYg26cF
    • If we’re going to dream about #travel, then why not dream about supersonic airliners like this one proposed by Virgalactic… https://t.co/a2n1aJCAfD
    • Flights to nowhere are the latest aviation trend, at least in Taiwan, where EVA Air has introduced special flights on their Hello Kitty plane… https://t.co/o0ypc6lZoB
    • These experts suggest that large group tours won’t exist after the pandemic. If that’s true, then explain how cruise ships will still exist… https://t.co/tvLEpsDVFq


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