British tabloids will always be there to feed our fascination with royal travel habits

As one of the first travel influencers, Queen Elizabeth’s travel habits were of particular interest to the British tabloid press, but even with her passing, you can be sure that this peculiar type of story will continue.

The Express will be there to publish the  packing tips of style icons Kate and Meghan and the Mirror is ready to tell you that the Princess of Wales’ clothing get its own seat on the plane so that nothing is wrinkled.

If you don’t have the budget to buy an extra seat for your clothing, they will tell you that Kate suggests only packing clothes with synthetic fabrics in order to avoid having to iron anything.

Need tips for travelling with kids? Hello Magazine has reported that William likes to show the kids maps of where they’re travelling in order to get them excited and while they’re in transit, the royals don’t mind using iPads to keep the little ones entertained. And just like parents everywhere, they claim they do their best to limit their screen time.

The question is, will people be as interested in King Charles III’s travelling habits as his mother? Will Charles travel with his own tea kettle and Twinings Earl Grey tea as she did?

The Queen did travel with her own blood supply and personal doctor, so that’s probably going to continue with the new king, but will he have his own royal toilet paper?

If there’s one bit of royal travel advice that all travellers should heed, the the Express repeated a quote from the Queen’s husband, the late Prince Phillip: “Never pass up a chance to go to the loo or take a poo.”




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