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Mark Stachiew Travels Friday Five

Welcome to the the latest installment of the Friday Five, a quick collection of the most interesting travel stories that I shared in the past week on Mark Stachiew Travels. As usual, this week's stories cover a wide range of topics, but the work of flight attendants and the effects of serving booze on planes are worth a second look.

How we developed a 'hypersexualised' image of flight attendants
Coffee, tea or me? The stereotype of the sexy stewardess has been around forever, but where does it come from? This engaging piece out of Australia digs into its origins. (Traveller)

You can now stay overnight at the Palace of Versailles. Take a peek inside.
Looking for the ultimate luxury hotel experience? You can now spend the night in the opulence of the Palace of Versailles in France. Let them eat cake! (Frommer's)

What, essentially, is going on with the Canada-U.S. border?
The world's longest undefended border has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. With vaccination rates high on both sides, why is it still shut? Politico takes a closer look. (Politico)

Airlines are banning alcohol after violent passenger incidents went viral
Several U.S. airlines have stopped serving alcohol. It's not as a COVID hygiene measure. It's just because people are entitled asshats. (Uproxx)

Nearly every Prairie town has an Asian restaurant. Meet the people behind them
I'd say just about every small town in Canada has one and they are a welcome pit stop for roadtrippers, especially families travelling with small children. The stories behind the people that operate these outposts are fascinating and inspiring. (CBC News)

Thanks for reading! If you like what you read, have suggestions of what you'd rather see or just want to drop me a line to tell me what you're up to, write me at [email protected]. And don't forget to forward this newsletter to anyone else that you think would find it interesting.


Have a great weekend!



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