Video: A Day in India

Made a nice plate of keema with some chana dal tonight for dinner so was prepped for this food-heavy video of a day in India that looks like it was actually filmed over several days in several parts of the country, but the dawn to dusk framework was a good way to structure the clips. Anyone’s who’s ever been to India will be instantly transported back by this and anyone who’s never been just might be inspired to get their soon.

Video: Flight over Pyongyang

Not many foreigners get to fly over North Korea’s capital city, let along take videos of it, but this photographer did and gives you a glimpse of life in the Hermit Kingdom.

Video: Burma | Myanmar

Whether you call in Myanmar, Burma or even Siam, this beautiful country in Southeast Asia delights everyone who comes to experience it. This video will show you why.


Photos: Powerful views of Pakistan

The South Asian nation of Pakistan has two national days, Independence Day and Pakistan Day. Today, they celebrate the latter, marking the 77th anniversary of the Lahore Resolution which called for a separate homeland for British India’s Muslim population which eventually became Pakistan.

Since the War on Terror began, tourism has dropped to Pakistan. In 2014, it only attracted 530,000 foreign visitors compared to more than 8.9 million in neighbouring India last year which is a shame because it’s an amazing place to visit. Here is what you’ve been missing:

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Photos: Sizzling views of Sri Lanka

Before 1948, it was known as Ceylon, but once it gained independence from the United Kingdom, it became Sri Lanka. Today, the vast island nation in the Indian Ocean celebrates its national day and in honour of the occasion, here are some stunning photos that display some of Sri Lanka’s incredible beauty:


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Photos: People of India

In honour of India’s Republic Day, here’s a gallery of Instagram photos that show you some of the people that make up that great nation, still my favourite travel destination of all:

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Taiwan is the “wheel deal” for cyclists

We had only five kilometres left to cycle that day, but it was hot, our muscles were complaining and the long road ahead of us sloped upwards, reminding us that we’d have to work that much harder to get to our final destination.

As we approached the hill in the Taiwanese countryside, we came to a small community of homes. By the roadside, in the merciful shade of a towering tree, was a small Taoist shrine, one of many similar structures found throughout the country.

The small red building, no bigger than a garden shed, was adorned with colourful sculptures of Chinese gods and monsters. Inside was a golden statue of a deity with offerings left behind by worshippers from nearby farms. We didn’t have anything to offer, but we thirstily drank our remaining water and silently beseeched any gods that were listening to provide us with the energy needed to climb that final hill.

Our prayers were answered because, in what seemed like no time, we powered up the slope ahead and coasted the rest of the way to the hotel where the others in our group were waiting. We were able to luxuriate in the pool where our aching muscles could recover for the next day’s ride.

Read the rest of the story on TraveLife magazine’s website.

Photos: Icy views of the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

In the northern Chinese city of Harbin, winter is embraced in a colourful festival that is one of the largest winter fairs in the world, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. Featuring towering buildings made from blocks of ice, intricate ice sculptures and lots of colourful lights to dazzle event goers, the festival is a spectacle that attracts growing numbers every year. The 2017 edition of the event opened today and this is what you’re missing:


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Video: Gurdwara – the Sikh Temple

This charming tour of life in the Sikh temples of India brought back fond memories of my first video project in journalism school where I took a look at a gurdwara here in Montreal.

Video: Everest, one second at a time

Be inspired by this video that distills a journey to Nepal and a trek near Mount Everest in a series of gorgeous, one-second shots.