Travel Trivia Quiz #12: Oh, Canada!

How much do you know Canada? Here’s a travel quiz that asks 10 questions about the Great White North. I’ve put in a few easy ones for you, but I’m sure there are a few that will stump you!

Welcome to your Travel Trivia Quiz #12 - Oh, Canada!

What do the most northern, southern, eastern and western points in Canada all have in common?

British Columbia is home to Canada's three tallest waterfalls. At 840m in height, which is the tallest?

Which Canadian hotel is said to the most photographed in the world?

In which western Canadian city do all RCMP officers undergo their basic training?

Five of Canada's 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are concentrated in one province. Which is it?

Which province is home to the only verified Viking settlement in North America?

The Bluenose schooner is immortalized on the Canadian dime. Which Nova Scotia city is the home port to the Bluenose II?

Where did the beloved fictional character of Anne of Green Gables grow up?

Only two other Canadian cities outside of Ottawa are home to national museums. Which of these three does not have one?

Which province is named after one of Queen Victoria's children?

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