Photos: Positive views of Paraguay

The date of May 14 marks Independence Day for Paraguay, not from Spain, but from Argentina where it broke away from in 1811 after it defeated Argentinian military efforts to retake the breakway province. In honour of the South American nation’s national holiday, here are some photos that give you a quick peek at what life is like there:

Photos: Awesome views of Argentina

Today marks the the Día de la Patria in Argentina, a national holiday that commemorates the country’s first national government after an 1810 revolution that ended Spanish rule in the South American country. To honour that day, here is a photo gallery of some awesome views of Argentina that just might inspire you to visit:

Photos: Great views of Guyana

Today, February 23, marks Republic Day in the South American nation of Guyana. The day is celebrated with a carnival known as Mashramani that is as colourful as any other Caribbean festival, if not more so.

Guyana is one of those places that doesn’t get a lot of love from tourists, but anyone’s who’s ever been is enchanted by the dynamism of the people who live there. Happy Mash, everyone!